Does Social Media in the Classroom Help, or Distract

Does Social Media in the Classroom Help, or Distract? 

We are surely in century of development; as we have move forwarded from the topic of discussion whether' Science is boon to society or not?' to the topic 'Does social media in the classroom help or distract?' We have accepted to the best possible extent that we are lucky to be born in science age. We cannot imagine our life without gadgets now. So likewise our discussion has also developed. Now our developed discussion is on 'the happening thing' Social Media.

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What is Social Media; the name itself says it is something which has to do with been social. We have many ways to get into social media Facebook,watsup,twitter etc.The social media has now penetrated into lives of many people. The people are using social media in their offices, business, and homes. The impact of social media is so much that now even the politicians are using it to connect with the masses. In this current scenario if we want our future generation to be updated then we have to bring this social media into the classroom of students right at their desk so that they can walk in hand with the latest development academically so that when they start their professional life they are well versed with latest trends.

Social Media when brought in lives of students can be proved very useful. A student sitting in any location can connect with other student sitting anywhere in world .They can discuss ,question and can move their level of discussion from just group of friends in school to students sharing common interest all around the world. Students can join the community of their interest suppose a student aspires to be engineer. He can join the community of engineers or to be engineers and know what the latest updates in the field. They can share their queries, details of best colleges, topics which are currently carrying weight age and latest assignments. They can follow the facebook page of college in which they want o take admission so that they know when the forms are coming, what is the latest cutoff colleges are expecting from students. College students can also follow the company where they wish to work so they know about the current hiring trends, the packages they are offering and what they are looking forward in their employee.

Teachers can make facebook or watsup  group of students where they can share their queries even  after school time .Students who are not friendly with each other directly in school or shy to interact directly with other students or teacher can ask their doubts ,share assignments. They can also share the piece of information they have read somewhere by sending the articles pictures directly in group. Suppose a important lecture or discussion is performed by some special faculty in school or college the students can record it and share it in group so that the students who might have missed it can also know .They can share the bonding with each other by praising he student who has done well it will increases his or her enthusiasm and motivate the other students. Teachers can also add parents of students so that they can also know about the progress of their child.

Since social media is the latest 'The thing 'it can be used to increase the interest of students who are academically less interested in studies. They can be shown the live pictures, the latest methods so that they are moved from regular book black board studies to more practical cases. They can be shown the interviews and case studies of motivational speakers. The students can be motivate to join the community of  career of their wish and follow the people they would like to be so that it inspires and motivates them .It will also allow students to understand the mind set of other students all around the world. Group studies are always more interactive then the individual studies and when group is as big as students from all over the world; it is bound to have many questions ,answers and there useful discussion which overall increases the area of thinking.

Social media marketing is one of hottest jobs .If students are made to use social media at school level at school and if it interests them then they can make it as a career option. Everything now whether branded or not, big company or a small is using facebook ,twitter to market their products. They are in search of talented people who can market them on social media so as to bring business for them. So these can be e very good career choice.

Everything comes with pros and cons likewise the social media has also some disadvantages; although it can be proved very useful when used in regular classroom sessions but when used in wrong way can darken up the future of students. The students can start sharing wrong information, banned videos, they can also take wrong examples from others life. Suppose a student who wishes to be in very good college does his best to get admission somehow misses the cutoffs and end ups his life .These kind of news spreads like a fire in social media ,students who are inline of this student or considers him to be his idol gets effected immediately. Here comes the role of parent and teachers that we should motivate students to use social media in their studies but also put restrictions and keep check on the content they are watching or sharing. It should not be used as a medium to disrespect teachers or nay other fellow student.

Humans are social beings they are bound to be social and in this century the social media allows us to be social with anybody in this world. This is a great platform and a great way but it is just we have check our ways so that we are focused and teach our children the right use of technology.


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