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"Words history"


The history of words, their formation, origination and changes in meaning with time studied under a methodology called "Etymology". In simpler term we can analyze this methodology as tracking history of the particular word from origin.

Word origin began in 17th century from Antiquity, followed by Panini, Pindar and then to Sir Thomas Browne. This shows a satisfactory movement as per contemporary requirements of the changes expected in search of meaningful origins for strange, familiar or unique words.

The progressive and dynamism in modern world had led changing mode of words usage, as variety of senses and positioning was added, removed and altered over time. Evolution of word usage which is radically changing and different from original .These are termed as  Semantic progression.

Changes in term of meaning and usage of words happens with passage of the time, studying about history and using that word for creation of new word. To understand this change, categorization of word origin have created;

Generalization, whereby meaning and reference of word got widen over the period. Specialization, whereby meaning and reference of word got narrow over the period.

Above categorization may not distinguish each other; may be created from another or shaded into another.

As a part of scholarly convenience, it often work alone for sematic changes, it can be explained as story as a word can be told without using too many words.

Following example with give good idea about semantic change trends;

Word 'Dude' is a magnificent example for discussing changes in language trend in term of meaning shift and had changed a lot contemporary period.

In 1800 , as per oxford English dictionary  'Dude' was consider to be word used for mockery a person affecting an speech, exaggerated fastidiousness posture and also very particular about good form. With passage of time in 20th century, Dude took more neutral meaning and was adopted by black community, and made this word commonly spreader and meanings. In 1967, Oxford English Dictionary added an example which reflected the shift in meaning by explaining 'Dude' as a cool people (My set of Black Negro Street were revolving and disappearing when police pressure was on to population.....These local dudes), the term here does not mean fancy , stylist slickers but refer to simple boys ,girls, cool people. Trend changes in sixties, this word was mostly connected to cool people, as it was related to their culture. While in seventies, Dude word was used for 'guy'.

The dude massacre got more momentum in 1980s and 1990s, as numerous of teenage movies came on dude theme. This word become most happening and catching in this era and were widely used as exclamation.

Dude word and its relation with gender, gave very heroic history, as to how to identify woman as dude, whether they should called as dudine or dudette. Oxford English Dictionary (OED) define dude as a person either of sex. In general, most of boys understand Dude word for male gender and also, woman want their husband to be dude in nature and solidarity. Oxford Dictionary have recorded lots of adjective of dude as dudeness, dudism, dudish and dudedom.

Some of fellow in 1800 uses contemporary spelling for dude as doods, duuude, or duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

Thus, looking as contemporary mixture of changes in meaning, lifestyle, usage and evolution of innovation regarding word creation help us in understanding correlational relationship and changing behavior n term of word dragging.

Origin of word can be made with some thought or event which changes with fashion, trend, understanding and combining same with contemporary behaviors of people around in society.

So, it is very important to record this journey or word from origin, gradual changes during period and adding in creation of related or non-related words. Oxford English dictionary which a repository and is store point for all this sematic changes and help society in tracking changes with regard to word. Discussion on sematic changes in regard to web of shifting relationship and forms seems better than creating word of its own, it has proved very useful. It always help any society to know root where it have originated and will understood meaning of word and it placement in contemporary environment.

Thus, sematic changes of word history in very simpler term can be explained as just large. Upon extension, it extend its power, importance and in this sense was used as characteristics of god.

The word Etymology which is derived from Greek word etymon in general term mean to identify true sense of word. But in contemporary situation replicating these modern world seems to be different from original meaning of the word.

Inclusion of word in English language repository comes through various source, namely, borrowing from other region, shortening, compounding, blends and conversion.

The word listed highlight interesting changes and meaning in different countries. Looking up in Oxford English dictionary provide existence of its etymology;

  • Earlier meaning are simple meaning as per English oxford dictionary, while
  • Other reveal most common meaning prevailing these day

Etymological approach help in proper management and development of definition which can be achieved by better understanding about word meaning and its history of usage and further add to adequacy of facts and figures related to definitions.

Essay can be conclude as  word origin ,not only reveals light on current meaning but offer an opportunity and clue to future for development of more related, non-related, inspired and extended exposure of development of meaningful, powerful and responsive word. It help us to record, keep track, and understand originally and changing pattern and usage of word. Best example contemporary consideration and which satisfies for word origin are ENGLISH language which is derived from numerous language prevailed in various area covering regions, states, continent of world. Understanding of word origin and history teach us about its deal about cultural history and also studying histories for known word embark us to deduce the meaning of unknown words and add to enrichment of vocabulary.

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