Poor class people should not get ignored by the high or middle class people

Poor class people should not get ignored by the high or middle class people because of their benefits

India is a place where people are divided in three categories they are high class people, middle class people and low class people or poor people. High class people live there life with the comforts and enjoy their life up to full extent. Middle class people is also living there life with the concept of fulfilling there necessities and enjoying their life.  The poor people are facing the main problem in the today's world they don't even able to get the basic necessities of life like water, food, shelter. Poor people are suffering a lot in there life's with the problems and with the diseases.

High class people and middle class people can afford what they want but it is not possible for the poor class people to afford and buy what they want. For example: For a high class people it is affordable custom bathrooms renovators but for a low class people he can't think of it.

Same as the above example poor class have to face many problems in buying any of the products because for poor class people it is not affordable custom bathrooms to renovate them as if they want to do. They have to ignore many of these things to feed there children's. They don't eat themselves to feed their child and to see their child happy and well. In India maximum of the poor people die because of the suffering from diseases because they are not aware about the various diseases from which they can suffer.

Poor people class people are not able to get the education and they remain illiterate because of which they are lacking behind in this fast growing and developing world. Poor people are mainly in the rural areas and because of the less education facilities and developing opportunities people are moving to urban areas for education and working opportunities.

Now days, for the development of the poor people and for their education many NGOs had come forward and they have taken many steps to protect the rights of the poor people and to give them education in a better way and make them aware about the urban world and the various things related to urban world and also give knowledge about the various diseases to the poor people and also tell them how to cure them and also tell them about the precautions which are necessary for their children's and families.

Poor people suffer a lot and they are the people only whom middle class family and high families ignore but by ignoring them poverty cannot be reduced or removed. They have to focus first for developing the economy and for the growth of the various sectors. Poor people are the people who get the jobs of servants in the houses of the high class people and this happened because of their less education.

Poor class has facility now to get the food at lower price and this facility is given by government only i.e. people who are below the poverty line get the food grains at the cheaper rates and for that they have separate shops also from where they can buy. Poor people also have facilities at the time of the admission in the colleges and universities if they belong to SC/ST class they get the reservation facility at the time of admission.

So, society should also focus on the poor class people so that growth can take place faster for the better development of the country. Poor people are also the part of the society and no one should harm them or ignore them for their benefit. They are also human beings and they also have all right to live there life with enjoyment.

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