Luck vs Hard Work

Luck vs Hard Work -

It is irrefutable that all successful people toiled hard in their lives. Many scholars, scientists,   well-known artists, innovators have made commendable records on the basis of their  achievements made by their hard core efforts while some people insist that it is all due to luck  which can make or mar a person. In my opinion, success is all due to hard work as it is a well said belief "Sweat brings sweet results". Only failures make lame excuses and blame luck for their weaknesses. I shall discuss both the views along with my own perspective in further paragraphs.

It is fairly easy to understand that why some people believe that success is the outcome of inputs we put in the form of efforts and dedication. When we talk about Indian former president APJ Abdul Kalam. He is the man who rose from scratches. He belonged to a poor family which was suffering from severe financial friction in his childhood which was a great hurdle in his education, but he managed to cope up with it and started selling newspapers, gave tuitions and many more. His journey continued till he achieved his goal to leading a nation and ultimately he became the president of India and made all his efforts to bring immense changed in his country.

Indian current prime minister is the one who completed his studies against all odds. I shall substantiate it by putting light on his journey, which began when he started working at a tea stall in Ahmadabad but his never ending spirit, enthusiasm and zeal to reach acme of success made him Prime Minister of India. People call him one man show and trust him just like their God who promises to convert their country into incredible India. There are numerous other examples of people who made sky rocketing progress and brought changes in lives of thousands of people which became possible just because of their hard work. Repeated failures can never stop work aholic person from achieving his targets. The success of any country depends upon the people who do hard work, achieve targets, lead the country, transform the world and becomes examples for others. One should not blame luck for one or two failures as there are numerous examples of famous personalities who failed so many times before gaining credentials. There are many business gurus who are known around the world like Henry Ford is known today for his innovative assembly line and American made cars but he was not an instant success. In fact, his early businesses failed and turned him broke several times before he founded the successful FORD MOTOR COMPANY.  He faced numerous obstacles, many failures before getting success.

On the paradoxical side, there are opponents of this view, who believe that it is luck that can change the directions of life. For instance, there are many people who win a lottery and become rich overnight while many people who toil hard but still spend their whole life in pathetic condition like people living in slums, rickshaw pullers, hawkers and so on. Another justification against the former view is that, there are numerous people who get large amount of money as ancestral property and spend their live very comfortably and enjoy all luxuries since their childhood while many people become broke by doing small mistakes and their life becomes hell in couple of minutes. Another example of people who get tremendous benefits just because of their luck like a child who gets birth in the family of millionaire and lead their life with all amenities without doing any hard work.

To windup, there are numerous factors that can lead to success like hard work, devotion, management, smart work, focus and many more. "Hard work is the key to success" and money earned by luck can be lost any time while hard work and dedication can make you make money, name and fame anytime in life. Determined effort is an important ingredient to lead a quality life and it is hard work that makes our luck. There is no use of standing immobilized and waiting for opportunity to come. Instead, turn an everyday occasion into extraordinary and lucky one. Setting goals, mentioning what you want, remaining focused in the directions of your goals, setting deadlines to achieve the goals can make your very Lucky and can help you lead whatever wherever you want, a city, country or even a world. "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

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