Some unbelievable facts behind the mystery of The Bermuda triangle

Why it is a haunted place:

>> The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle.

>> Bermuda triangle is located in The Atlantic Ocean. It is falls between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida.

>> It is believed that for many years a number of mysterious boat and plane incidents have occurred.

>> Research has recommended that many unique reports of strange incidents in Bermuda Triangle were exaggerated.

>> As The Bermuda triangle has become one of the haunted place in the world and become part of popular culture to link in paranormal activities.

>> These incidents may scare some people; The Bermuda Triangle is the really part of a regularly sailed shipping lane with cruise ships and other boats also regularly sailing during the area.

>> Aircraft are also general in the Bermuda Triangle with both commercial and private planes commonly flying during the air space.


History of the Bermuda triangle:

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The first person to text strange going to the area was in fact Christopher Columbus, on his first trip during the area. He said that he saw mysterious lights there and had complexity with the compass as it did funny things.

The area of the Bermuda Triangle is around 440,000 miles of sea. This is an area much bigger than Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana combined.

The most famous case related to the Bermuda Triangle is the disappearance of a plane known flight 19 and also searches planes that was sent out to try and find them. Combined 27 men and 6 planed were never found and this incident happened in 1945.

Some Possible theories include UFOs and even natural reasons like as bad weather.

There have been about 1,000 lives taken in the past 10 decades, caused by the Bermuda Triangle. Not all of these in suspicious circumstances, other than it just go to show that it is difficult to navigate the area.

There is also another mystery that the exact location of the Bermuda Triangle is not actually known, making it even more a talking issue.

First, the "Devil's Triangle" is one of the two places on earth that a magnetic compass does point towards true north. Usually it points toward the magnetic north. The difference between the two is called as compass variation. The amount of variation changes by to the extent that twenty degrees as one circumnavigates the earth. If this compass error or variation is not compensated for, navigator might find himself far off course and in deep problem.


Incident related to the Bermuda triangle:

>> Unconfirmed supernatural descriptions for Bermuda Triangle incidents have included references to UFO's and even mythical lost continent of Atlantis.

>> The USS Cyclops and its crew of 309 that went missing after leaving Barbados in 1918.

>> The TBM Avenger bombers that went missing in 1945 throughout training flight over the Atlantic.

>> A Douglas DC-3 aircraft containing 32 people that went missing in 1958, no trace of the aircraft was ever found.

>> A yacht was found in 1955 that had survived 3 hurricanes but was missing all the crew.


Theories related to solving the mystery:

There are so many research and explorations completed to uncover its mystery. There is no single theory that can describe all the incidents of disappearances of ships and planes. The ships and aircraft have been victims of different circumstances and conditions. Things happened unexpectedly and quickly. Whereas many theories have appeared, there are a few that come close to solving the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

Methane gas trapped under the sea floor can erupt; accordingly it can lower the water density and cause ships to sink. Even planes flying over it, can catch fire and get completely destroyed through such gas blowout.

Electronic fog is a strange thick cloud appears from nowhere and engulfs a plane or a ship. Instruments begin to malfunction, and finally the ship or the aircraft vanishes without any trace.

Sargasso Sea is also a strange area that has no bounded and shores by water current on all sides of it. So many ships that passing through have been stranded and made motion less.

There are many theories that try to explain or solve the mysteries behind The Bermuda Triangle.

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