Why One Should Choose Oxford University For Studies

Oxford is known for its existence for the past nine centuries and is the oldest university of the world. As it is an internationally renowned and esteemed centre for teaching and research, Oxford lures a large number of students and scholars from all over the world. There are more than 130 nationalities are been represented among a student population of over 18,000.

Oxford is a collegiate university with 39 autonomous colleges related to the University. Thirty colleges are available to enroll students for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are seven special colleges for graduates only, one college is for fellows only and one is specialized for part-time and continuing education.

Oxford University attracts the best and the most talented students across the world. Below are mentioning some reasons as why one should apply to Oxford University:

1. Globally distinguished and renowned: Oxford is a highly prominent university of the world. Students across the world have chosen this university to own their desired course. For entrance in Oxford University, various online tutoring websites are available for entrance exam preparation.

2. Easily Accessible: Oxford University is accessible to all students of talent and great abilities irrespective of their backgrounds. All the bright, intelligent and creative students can apply to the university.

3. Eminent faculty Support: Many professors at Oxford University are well known experts of their fields. They are engaged in research and scholarships to provide students with advanced understanding of their subject discipline.

4. Excellent college life experience: College life is one of the greatest distinctions of the university. Various communities at college provide a wonderful experience to students and make a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for students who are living away from their home for the first time.

5. Multifarious study environment: Oxford University offers a diversified study environment to its students. Various assignments and projects are given, to make students a perfect for the bright future. These assignments are provided weekly to the students and a grade system is maintained. Students can take help of online tutoring and assignment assistance for their assignment and project preparation.

6. Events: Various clubs, societies and events are organized by colleges. The university offers opportunities for social life a student might be looking for.

7. Excellent Placement record: Oxford University has a very excellent graduate placement record. Students are provided with comprehensive career service and can enter a huge range of careers. Employers recognize that Oxford academic degrees give students various skills, as well as deep knowledge and understanding in their chosen subjects.

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