Managing Arthritis Pain With AyurvedicTreatment

Managing Arthritis Pain With Ayurvedic Treatment

The Word arthritis means joints; it comes from Greek work called arthon. The bones in the joints are affected by arthritis resulting in pain and discomfort while walking. It is the main cause of impairment among people over fifty-five years of age in developing countries.  People at very early age also get affected by some forms of Arthritis.

The two different bones in our bodies meet through joints and it helps to move the parts of the body.  Arthritis causes swelling in one or more joints.  Arthritis mostly occurs in women compared to men. Managing arthritis pain is not very easy as patients suffer from discomfort, stiffness in joints. Arthritis patients don't have to give up thinking they can never get back to their active life as there are lot of alternative arthritis treatment which is helping patients to get back to the original form.

The most common symptoms of arthritis are -

1.      Joint stiffness resulting in walking slowly

2.      Swelling in muscles, ligaments and cartilage

3.      During winter season the pain increases to large extent not allowing the joints to fold.

The most common causes of arthritis are -

1.      As people become old; the chances of developing arthritis is more as the cartilage in the bone becomes stiff and the capacity to cure becomes very less.

2.      Excess body weight is one of the major reasons for joints to be affected by arthritis as the weight load on the joints will damage them leading to arthritis

3.      Genetics and Hereditary can be one of the causes of joints being affected by arthritis. Till date none of the medical institutions were able to figure out the percentage of people affected by arthritis due to genetics or hereditary however it is quite likely.

Managing arthritis pain could be difficult in the last stages of arthritis. Arthritis is of different types and each of them is affected due to disorders in the body, age, genetics etc. some of the types of arthritis are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis and infectious arthritis.

The most popular and commonly used alternative arthritis treatment is using Ayurvedic medicines.  As per the Ayurveda study arthritis is caused by ama which is a toxin produced due to poor digestive system and intensifies the vata which is the air disease. The ama gets accumulated in the joints and gets affected leading to arthritis.

An Ayurvedic advisor has suggested the arthritis patients to consume healthy diet, exercise every day and follow herbal remedies.

Ø  Herbal ayurvedic remedies - Swelling can be reduced and bones gets strengthen by consuming herbs. In the form of capsules Boswellia and Commiphoae Mukul can be taken thrice to reduce the pain in knees.

Ø  Exercise and yoga movements - Managing arthritis pain can be healed to a certain extent by doing yoga movements and exercise on a daily basis which helps to release the stiffness in the joints.

Ø  Ayurvedic diet - Following Ayurvedic diet is one of the alternative arthritis treatments to keep your vitamins and proteins levels high. Consume lot of fruits , fruit juices, green vegetables and salads

Ø  Every day morning and evening take 250 ml of warm water mixed with two tea spoon lemon juice and one tea spoon of honey.

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