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A quiz is a mind sport or a form of game in which players as individuals attempt to answer the questions. In some nations, a quiz is also a brief review used in education and related fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities or skills. It is usually scored in points many quizzes are designed to determine a winner from a group of participants i.e. it is usually the participant with the highest score.

The word Quiz is derived from the word "quizzical". It later obtained a meaning of to make fun of or to mock.

There is a famous myth about the word "quiz" which says that in 1791 a Dublin theater named James Daly made a bet that he could introduce a word into the language within 24 hours. He then went out to hire a group of street urchins to write the word "quiz" that was a nonsense word around the city of Dublin. In a day the word was common currency also had acquired a meaning since no one knew what it meant everybody thought it was some sort of test and Daly had some cash in his pocket. Conversely, there is no evidence to support the story and the term was already in use before the alleged bet.

Characteristics of a Quiz:


1. Computer Literacy

Most of the students know how to have basic computers skills. Most feel completely comfortable in an online environment and will not only enjoy completing quizzes online also they will work through them quickly and efficiently.

2. Timely Feedback

Most online quizzes show the correct answer after each question or correct them at the end. Most also give students a “result” generally as a percentage of answers which is correct. They acquire their feedback while their doubts are still fresh in their minds.

3. Self-Pacing

Students are able to evaluate at their own pace. They may take as long as they require for particularly difficult questions; there’s no pressure from the teacher or peers to react quickly, as there may be in an oral Q & A. This creates a safe and non threatening environment which is ideal for classes where you have students who process information at different speeds.

4. Variety

The Internet perhaps has hundreds of online quizzes for us to choose from in a wide variety of topics from grammar to specific vocabulary, listening to reading quizzes.

5. Individualized Learning

You may decide to give each student a different one to target specific needs, instead of making the entire class do the same quiz.

6. Availability & Autonomy

Online quizzes may be admittance by students any day at any time. They are also great for developing learner autonomy also helping them to take control of their learning.

Drawbacks of Quiz:

1. Technology

The one obvious disadvantage is that not every student of a classroom has a computer allow access to a computer lab alone with one computer for each student.

2. Quality

The amazing variety of materials obtainable on Internet not all of them is of good quality. Some may have error others may not be challenging enough. You must take the time to perform a proper screening to make sure the quizzes and links work properly. To make online quizzes are not surely a waste of time. You have to take time to pick the right ones for your class.

Computer based quizzes:


Using computer based tools for testing student’s knowledge


1. It gives you immediate feedback, unlike paper examinations in a traditional classroom learning session.

2. It gives you the option of taking practice tests whenever you want as some assessments are based on Internet also this allows students to take test at home or anywhere they want.

3. There is no cheating.


1. Not all students can use the computer very well.

2. It doesn’t give teachers the options to see your line of thinking to get to your answer.

Classroom Based Quiz:

Classroom quiz prove that it can be beneficial to students for most of the reasons. Hands-on tricks rather than a lecture-based style of learning which help students to maintain focus and develop essential problem-solving skills. Educators can use classroom quiz demonstrate as a motivational tool for students. Naturally students are motivated for study more also pay attention during class if they know that later they will be tested on material in front of their peers.

  • Increase Participation

Classroom quiz shows will inspire every student to participate. Educators often have trouble getting each and every child to pay attention to the lessons complete work as well as not cause a disturbance to other learners. A classroom quiz show demands contribution from students. Students begin to encourage each other as an alternative of working independently. Students who often appear to be bored throughout school will enjoy the fast-paced type of learning they experience through a classroom quiz show.

  • Build Teamwork

Educators will be able to construct a sense of teamwork with the inclusion of classroom quiz shows. Students will enjoy working to earn a reward. Give confidence students to cheer each other on. Students should display good sportsmanship as they work toward a general goal. If time allows, educate students to expend time practicing with their teammates. Supervise students and help them build a strong sense of teamwork.

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