The advantages of home schooling to traditional schooling

Learning begins from home and the place where you feel the safest and threat free is you home. Now a child opens up, asks questions, is not worried that he/she would be penalised for making mistakes in a home environment.

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Study of Product Development using Lean and Green Concepts

The Lean Product Development Flow (LPDF) was suggested which is a value pulling work flow.Pullan et al.(2011)suggested the importance of lean and concurrent engineering for current industries.

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Intelligent approach to road safety

With rapid economic growth over the last two decades, India is witnessing exponential growth in the number of motorized vehicles. Despite significant upgrade and expansion of the road network,

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Evolution of the education policy

A new education policy is in the process of being finalized by the ministry of human resource development (MHRD). The new policy is aimed at making education both emancipator and enabler while encouraging innovation over rote learning.

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The forbidden crystal-Penrose tiling with molecules

Penrose tiling, a quasicrystal, as defined by Seong Joo Nam's research poster in University of Auckland Research Repository, Research Space as simplest version of 2-dimensional quasi-periodic tiling that comprises pentagonal motifs

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Robots on a rough terrain

From a rat sized robot suitable for tiny spaces like pipe lines to a car sized robot like the Mars rover, all of them need to be prepared for unpredictable circumstances, not just their surroundings but also their ground.

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E-Commerce and the World- Wide-Web

E-commerce and world wide web complement each other like perfect spouses, irreplaceable in their own aspects. It wasn’t until 1992 that the web services became available to the common public.

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Metal complexes as potential imaging agents and anti-cancer drugs

Metal complexes as potential imaging agents and anti-cancer drugs, These metals have been studied extensively and their effects on human health have been regularly reviewed by international agencies such as World Health Organization (WHO).

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Effects of Abortion on Pregnancies-Paper

Abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy which is done intentionally so it does not result in the birth of a baby (Harms, 2014). This process may be necessary because of the following reasons; a health risk of a mother, chances of child.

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Managers Tool Kit for Financial Decision Making-Paper

Describe your experience in finance and accounting including professional and personal budgeting. Share what you consider to be important when making a significant financial decision

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Gene Fusion in Sarcoma-Paper

Write a paper on Gene Fusion in Sarcoma, Gene fusion is the process of forming a hybrid gene from two separate genes. This process may be as a result of chromosomal inversion, translocation or interstitial deletion.

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Analyze the chemical changes that occur using different cooking ingredients for different foods

Analyze the chemical changes that occur using different cooking ingredients for different foods, What happens to food when it is cooked?

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Copyright Infringement-Present Scenario

In the early phase of human life everything in the world belongs to every person in the world. Briefly, everyone has equal rights on the belongings of the world.

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Server Virtualization-Paper

In simpler words a server is a computer that hosts files and application on the computer networks. These computers need to be powerful and so they have several central processing units which gives the capability to run much complex tasks with no diff

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Extreme Programming (XP) - Paper

For any of the Software Development, the end goal would be the quality which can be executed and maintained in a proper way. Extreme Programming is one such methodology of software development which is based on the values of simplicity, communication

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Security Issues in Emerging High Speed Networks

The world is becoming more interconnected with rapid growth of the Internet and new networking technology. All over the world there is a large amount of information stored on the internet which belongs to military, hospitals, educational institutions

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Data Quality Issues in Big Data and Importance of Big Data-Paper

Large volume of both structured and unstructured data that inundates a business on a day to day life. Big data can be examined for visions that lead to better conclusions and tactical business changes.

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Agile Technology - Paper

The Agile Technology started as an alternative to the existing models in the market to meet the changing requirements from time to time and the unpredictable market. The Agile Technology has four basic philosophies.

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The Google File System - Logic

The word file system is also referred as a partition or disk which is used to store the files.A partition or disk can be used as a particular file system based on the requirement. Before doing so, it needs to be initialized and the data structures

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Capturing and use of carbon dioxide?

With the increase in the world population and increase in the industrialization the demand for energy is increasing rapidly. Presently over 85% of the world energy needs are coped-up by using fossil fuels.

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