Valuable tips that assist you for College Interview

Interview to get into a college! When did this start to take place? Presume you just had to get a good score


and sit for an entrance test. Ya, but when there are limited seats on offer, for every one seat, a college admission team could be prompted to take 5 interviews. And of course, giving an interview is a must for those who look to supplement their college education with a professional degree. A business school surely interviews a student before granting admission to them.

So, all you guys out there, instead of fearing a college interview, take it as a precursor to the challenges confronting individuals in the professional world who are willy-nilly grilled for hours on end before they finally get their desired job. The following tips shall assist you in clearing a college interview with flying colours:

Some tips that assist you in clearing a college interview:

1. Be Punctual:

Always be punctual in life, reaching late for an interview is considered unacceptable. So, do not be guilty of committing this cardinal sin.

2. Perfect Resume - act as evidence to your accomplishments:

Let your resume speak highly about your achievements and carry your certificates along with you, which would act as evidence to all your accomplishments.

3. Sense of Dressing - wear for your interview matters a lot:

What you wear for your interview matters a lot. While donning formals is a must, a dull and drab, plain Jane appearance needs to be avoided. To look different from the rest and create an instant impression, try wearing a bright coloured tie with your white shirt and take care of your hairstyle as it can make or mar your appearance. The bottom line is - you have to look presentable at all costs.

4. Positive image - Like themselves are liked by others:

There is no one in this world that is completely devoid of shortcomings. So, don't feel too guilty if you too have a few. Have your positive image in your mind on the day of your interview, the one that is appreciated by others and present the same to your interviewer. And remember, those who like themselves are liked by others.

5. Knowledge - Know about the institution:


Do a little bit of research on the institution that you are keen to take admission in. You are bound to earn brownie points as you give right answers to the questions that your interviewers ask about themselves.

6. No Hesitation - You be the first person:

On being asked genuine questions that every candidate is likely to anticipate before an interview, you answers should come fast and there should not be any hesitancy. Let your interviewer realize that you have done your homework well. When they ask you "Why do you want to take admission in our college?" You have to give a convincing reply and confidently at that time.

7. Mock interview - Give your 100%:

Seldom has anyone failed to gain from practice and rehearsals. Taking a mock interview prior to the D-Day is advisable. Choose your mock interviewer wisely and request them to give an honest feedback.

8. Be Resolute - Your fate depends on it:

Be resolute enough to observe all the protocols of an interview. Your fate depends on it; so, you cannot take it lightly. Refrain from using casual language and acquit yourself in the most courteous of ways possible.

9. Group Discussion - Be an attentive listener and an assertive speaker:

What if you are asked to take part in a group discussion? Remember two things - you have to be an attentive listener and an assertive speaker. You'll form a stronger impression when you add to what others have to say instead of simply stressing your opinions.

10. Behaviour & Honesty:

When your interviewer poses questions that concern your behaviour, your replies must be suggestive of values like hard work, honesty, maturity, adaptability etc. Instead of beating around the bush to a question that you may possibly have no clue about, admit that you do not know the right answer. Your honesty will be surely appreciated.


Your anxiety to see your college interview through successfully will be justified. However, to calm those nerves you could try a theses few interesting tricks. Believe! It is a privilege to be interviewed. Someone's going to ask you questions about yourself and this is something that does not happen every day. So, tell yourself that instead of fretting over the opportunity, you will rather relish it.

Lastly, nothing is the end of the world, nothing at all. Your failure to crack your first two or three college interviews will infuse a spirit of resilience in you that will stand in your good stead all throughout your life. So, gear up for your first assignment if there is one lined up soon and just break a leg.

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