The New Era of Mobile Technology: 5G

5G Technology arises for fifth Generation Mobile technology. It is started from 1G to 2.5G and from 3G to 5G this world of telecommunication has seen a number of enhancements along with improved performance with every passing day. Fifth generation network offer affordable broadband wireless connectivity (very high speed).Fifth generation technology will fulfill all the needs of customers who always want advanced features in cellular phones. The main features in 5G mobile network is that user can concurrently attach to the numerous wireless technologies and can switch between them. This approaching mobile technology will support IPv6 and flat IP. Fifth generation technology will proffer the services like Documentation, supporting electronic transactions (e-Payments, e-transactions) etc.

Introduction of 5G

5G technology departing to be a new mobile revolution in mobile market. Through 5G technology now you can make use of worldwide cellular phones and this technology also smack the china mobile market and a consumer being proficient to get access to Germany phone as a local phone. With the approaching out of cell phone alike to PDA now your whole office in your finger tips or in your phone. 5G technology has astonishing data capabilities and has capacity to tie together unrestricted call volumes and infinite data broadcast within latest mobile operating system.   5G technology   has a intense future because it can handle best technologies and offer priceless handset to their customers. It is possible that coming days 5G technology takes over the world market. 5G Technologies have an extraordinary wherewithal to support Software and Consultancy. The Router and switch technology are being used in   5G network   providing high connectivity. The 5G technology distributes internet admittance to nodes within the building and can be deployed with union of wired or wireless network associates. The modern trend of 5G technology has a bright future.



Path from 2G network to 5G network

1G, 2G, 3G & 4G ("G" stands for "Generation") are the creations of wireless telecom connectivity. In 1945, the zero generation (0G) of mobile telephones was establishing. Mobile Telephone Service, were not formally categorized as mobile phones, since they did not maintain the automatic change of channel frequency during calls. 1G (Time Division Multiple Access and Frequency Division Multiple Access) was the early wireless telecom network system. It's non-operational now. The analog “brick phones” and “bag phones” are underneath 1Gtechnology. Cell phones era started with 1G.The next period, 2G has taken its situate of 1G. Cell phones established their first major upgrade when they went from 1G to 2G as well. This jump efficiently took cell phones from analog to digital. 2G and 2.5G were versions of the Gasman CDMA relations. And GSM is still the most accepted technology, but with no internet. Luckily, GPRS, an supplementary service, is provided over GSM for the principle of internet access. GPRS has been urbanized and thus, EGPRS was shaped. It's more secure and faster than GPRS.


Future Concepts of 5G Technology 

Every national and international party has their criterion to incorporate these all standard of telecommunication architecture. They all have dissimilar architecture for bury association. If ordinary architecture for ALL IP for traffic control to supply super well services for wireless because apparition of super nucleus is based on IP platform. With very commencement of 5G technology, the international cellular telephony will be changed from the scrape. In easy conditions you can appreciate that the international mobility is going to be restrict with more and more characteristic and utilities. 5G Technology will definitely upgrade the gadget, PDA and I Phone mania among the global users. This wholly new concept in the mobile communication is capable of with exceedingly advanced operating systems and gigantic data storage in the reasonable rates and in amazing lightning speed.. 


What does the technology offer?

• It offers you to pay all your bills in a single payment with your mobile. 
• It offers you  to sense Tsunami/earthquake before it occurs. 
• It offers you to make visualize lively all planets and Universe. 
• It make available of lock our Laptop, car, Bike using our mobile when you forgot to do so. 
• It provides Our mobile can share your work load. 
• 5G Mobile is able to  identify the best server. 
• The 5G Mobile can perform Radio resource management. 
• If your mobile can close you before the call drops. 
• Mobile phone is able to get cleaned by its own. Can able to fold your mobile as per your desire.

Components of 5G Technology

The 5G Noncore is a junction of below state technologies. These technologies have

their own collision on exiting wireless network which makes them in to 5G.

• Cloud Computing.
• All IP Platform.



Nanotechnology is the application of Nano science to manage procedure on nanometer scale. I.e. between 0.1 and 100nm.The field is also recognized as molecular nanotechnology (MNT). MNT deals with control of the arrangement of matter based on atom-by-atom and molecule by molecule engineering. 

Nano Equipment (NE)

Mobile phone has turn into more than a communication device in modern world it has turned into an individuality of an individual. In 5G Nano core these mobile are referred as Nano gear as they are geared up with nanotechnology. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that utilizes the internet and central remote server to preserve data and applications. In 5G network this central remote server will be our content

All IP Network

The All-IP Network (AIPN) is an development of the 3GPP system to assemble the rising demands of the mobile telecommunications market. To meets customer requirement for real-time data applications distributed over mobile broadband networks, wireless operators are turning to flat IP network architectures. principally focused upon enhancements

of packet switched technology, AIPN provides a continued evolution and optimization of the system idea in order to offer a competitive edge in terms of both presentation and cost.


The key reimbursement of flat IP architectures is:

• Inferior costs
• General seamless access
• Enhanced user experience
• Concentrated system latency
• Decoupled radio access and middle network evolution



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Pros and cons of 5G

1. 5G is the best mobile technology for data relocate and calling principle. 
2. 5G would commence Artificial cleverness to mobile telecommunication.
3. High haste, high ability, and low cost per bit.
4. Support interactive multimedia, voice, streaming video, Internet, and other broad band services, more effectual and more striking, Bi directional, precise traffic statistics.
5. Global admission, service portability, and scalable mobile services.
6. The high excellence services of 5G technology stand on Policy to avoid mistake.
7. 5G technology is providing large broadcasting of data in Gigabit which supportingalmost 65,000 connections.
8. 5G technology offer transporter class gateway with unparalleled consistency.
9. Through remote management offered by 5G technology a user can get better and fastsolution

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