How to deal with Monday Morning Blues?


Often after a nice, long, relaxing weekend, away from the work, school and life, Monday morning work is extremely problematic. This can be rush time for you. Now No need to worry - to make your Mondays easier here are some approach to make this week a smoother transition.

Plan to have at least some fun over the weekend amid the chores. It is important to have a great weekend, make sure that you have great fun, so that on Monday, you aren't freaking that you have monotonous life. During the weekend, try to avoid losing track of time, otherwise on Monday, you'll be moaning inside, how you those precious two days loss.

Keep yourself organized Try to keep personal items that you need during the week so that you easily manage the things. This will not make Monday morning more difficult. Get clothes, Phone, documents and items ready at the night before. This will make you feel better, nice and prepared fresh for the day.

Avoid sleeping in or staying up too late during weekend. You may prefer in the weekends to sleeping late, but it may destroy your healthy sleep routine i.e., as much as your body needs and make additional sleep exceed to a reasonable amount. Don’t sleep more than two hours than your average sleep, so that you do not feel like a zombie on Monday; extra sleep on Sunday morning may keep you awake longer on Sunday night that makes unrefreshed Monday morning.

If you are excusing yourself to stay up all night for watching a thrilling movie or playing Temple Run just because it's a weekend night will have bad idea for Monday. Keep your sleep timings balance––not too much and not too little!1528_food.jpg

Eat nutritiously throughout the weekend. Avoid junk food and visits to fast-food joints. Being healthy, eat fruits and vegetables on weekends. As on Monday, you'll be back to vitamins and green stuff that may disappoint and provoke increased desire for weekend.May be your family is having habit of eating  randomly all weekend or outings make sure that is  home-cooked meal per weekend More over try to have dinner together with whole family.

Make a list of the things you’re excited about. “We often think of week ahead try to complete the tough stuff. Insist of that Turn around on Sunday evening, make a list of three things you are looking forward to complete at that week. This will enable your positive mood. This step will make sure that you need some good changes in your life.Do something special or enjoyable to make weekend special: On Sunday night, may think that weekend wasn't worth and you did not do anything fun or creative , This may make you feel  blue for going back to routine schedule. You can make your weekend special by:-


  • Making special meal for family or household or going out to dinner together.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Walk in the park or admire nature.
  •  Have an ice cream or cake at a favourite cafe.
  • Call your friend or family member.

1073_aroma bath.jpg


Start your Monday right. Make an attitude that "I'm ready for this week" with these tricks:Get up a few minutes earlier than normal this will give you extra time to get ready at a non-rushed pace. Spend time in things you like to write, exercise or meditate, this will be a great time for any of these activities. You can take an aromatherapy shower. Your ordinary shower may cut terms of excitement. However, adding some drops of scent may increase cheerfulness and may provide you mind-clearing refresher. You may also bath with cold water at the shower's that will make wake up too. Have your usual favourite beverage Coffee, tea, lemon in water, whatever it is with great comfort and enjoy it slowly.


Unplug for the weekend. Try to avoid checking work e-mail or voicemail over the weekend, especially as Friedman said. “It may  tempting to know what’s waiting for you, but drawing clearly defined boundaries between work and personal time can help keep things in check. When you leave the office on Friday, leave your office problems there and focus on enjoying your time off. Sometimes going back to work on Monday feels especially frustrating because you let it creep into your off-time, and so it never even feels like you had a weekend at all.”

Dress for success. You should Dress up, perk and show get ready with a positive attitude. Try to show light and energy that makes better day. Be a magnet as by showing and sharing spirit, charisma and vibe.It is suggested that on Monday wear your one of the favorite new outfit. It will help build your confidence the office and might get few complements from co-workers.As we know you look good, you feel good.  Half of the battle gets win after Feeling good about yourself on Monday mornings.

Be positive. Think about those things to recognize and appreciate the things that you like about work starts before getting into the work. To push yourself try listening your favorite songs. Don’t be a complainer. Make a negative decision into positive, productive and excited welcome to Monday energy. If source of positivity in the workplace is high, this will  make your day more enjoyable and worthy.









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