Study Tips to Crack GRE

Study Tips for GRE


GRE-General Record Examination is competition exam to get admission in most of the graduate colleges in the US. It created and conducts by Educational Testing service. The GRE is a set of general and subject tests that assists in gaining entrance to the one's preferred program. The exam consists of a verbal section, quantitative section, and analytic writing section. To get a good score in GRE, we need to have the knowledge about the mentioned sections.


Having brushed up with the generals of GRE. Now we will look into tips which could increase the GRE score.

For any competition, if you want to be in the race you have to start early. The first tip, though it may not seem worthy now but surely, it is-'You have to start early'.If you start your preparations early then, you have sufficient time to enquire and collect the sufficient study material for the exam. Here in case of GRE whose score is taken by many colleges, you can read in detail about the scores of GRE considered by different colleges. Further adding the early start will let you analyse your weak and strong sections so that you can do proper time management.

 After preparing for the different sections, you must spare sufficient time for practising sample test papers. The practice sample paper should be taken in the same atmosphere as the actual GRE. In real exam sometimes the people are not able to manage time; they are not able to check or revise their work. Also while doing the sample paper, the breaks should be taken in the same way as the real exam. It is also advisable to take the sample test at the same time of a day as a real test. The sample test paper can be taken from the site of ETS, which provides two free computer based exam via their software Power-Prep II. After finishing paper, you can check the how many answers were right or wrong.

 Now we will analyse the different sections for quick tips to excel in these sections:

  • In the section of verbal reasoning. In this section the most important part of the exam is to able to understand the text; so it is very important to make the reading advance text as a habit. Whenever you start answering, the questions make sure you read the instructions very carefully. Also in verbal reasoning, there is no negative marking so answer all the questions, but make sure you respond to the questions which you know first and then the rest. Reading book is the most important to crack the GRE
  • The next section is the quantitative reasoning. This section is one of the most exhaustive section of GRE. Although the topics covered are of high school mathematics still the deep knowledge of concepts is very important. For this; solving as many as sample paper and topic wise questions helps a lot. This method will clear the concepts and will also help in time management.
  • The next section is of analytic writing in which you have to write two essays one is for analysing an issue task, and another analyse the argument task. One thing we need to understand is; in this section they are not checking our knowledge about any concept, what is check is your way of expressing yourself, how strongly and correctly.

You will put your clear thoughts. For writing a good essay you have first take into the account the time. The facts in the essay should be clear; relevant examples should support the writings in it. The essay should be properly categorised into different parts so that it looks managed. And lastly, the most important thing is it should be free from grammatical errors.

Now after analyzing the tips for different sections, we will now look into the common mistakes made in theses sections.

  • In verbal section before answering questions read the passage carefully; don't rush up in answering questions quickly because this could lead to wrong answers. While answering, multiple choice answers read the options carefully as they sound similar.
  • In quantitative section, read the questions carefully, avoid confusion between single and multiple option questions.
  • In analytic section, while writing essay take care of spelling and sentence formation; don't be in much hurry as this could lead to the change in the overall meaning of the sentence.

Lastly, there should be time management so that you find sufficient time to separate the questions you are comfortable doing first and the doubtful ones at the end.                                  


The above- mentioned tips are keys that can be helpful for the GRE exams, but citing an example a key only useful when the lock is 'right. Here our preparation is like a lock, so if we have prepared well, the 'lock' key will surely work.

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