Evaluate own current skills and competencies against professional standards

A portfolio for personal development should be assimilated in order to contain the information and personal records at one homogenous location. This should also include the section of the planning and the methods that would be used to monitor the progress that has been made. Such records can also be made on paper. It is recommended to load such files on the internet, after a secured location has been chosen. This would help in allowing the learner to remotely access the information without the fear of losing it.

Evaluate own current skills and competencies against professional standards and organisational objectives

As an employee of the food chains and restaurant business in as my past work experience there are certain professional expectations that were expected out of my job profile. My proficiency in delivering the expected output was detrimental in my upward growth curve.


Being in the hospitality industry, the restaurants and coffee shops are dependent upon the satisfaction of the customers for business. The primary responsibility at work was to cater to the needs and requests of the customers and offer the best hospitality environment while at work. The main expectations and professional objectives of the organization were:

• To ensure that all customer orders are completed on time
• To lay preference to the customers' requests and needs
• To ensure that the environment in the coffee shop was comfortable and amicable
• To build rapport with the customer in order to retain them
• To ensure that all the workers were adhering to the job criteria
• To adhere to the prospect of hospitality and customer service and offer the best in the area
• To mechanize and maintain the inventory and the kitchen


I am proficient in record keeping and multitasking. This helped me undertake an array of responsibilities even the tasks that were beyond my work responsibility area. With a friendly nature, I was able to maintain a cordial relationship with all the customers. Due to the background of a family business in the same industry, I had been exposed to customer service for long and was therefore able to apply the global standards of service keeping in the coffee shop I was working at. It was also essential for me to understand the importance of the customer and thus, I was able to perform better than what was expected out of me. My only constraint was the confidence that was limiting my growth as a Manager and therefore, I was not able to successfully implant the decision making power that was given to me.

Identify own development needs and the activities required


i) Deliberative nature at work and have an ease of learning new things
ii) Efficient exposure to the customer service industry
iii) Past experience in a restaurant business
iv) Better understanding of the customer demands and needs
v) Ability to maintain records and adhere to the billing systems


i) Weak decision Making skills. I get confused about the right course of action to be taken
ii) Lack of public speaking and presentation skills that acts a limitation when I am asked to address and audience
iii) Weak time management skills that make my panic when more than one task needs to be handled simultaneously


i) Expansion of the hospitality markets and launches and opening of new coffee shops and restaurants
ii) Demand in the required manpower of this industry
iii) Better paid job in this industry as compared to my last job
iv) Ability to learn and a seeker of knowledge


i) Qualified manpower that has bachelors and master's degree in my domain of work.
ii) Addition of the factor of managerial job tasks along with customer service
iii) Increasing competition in the hospitality industry that increases the pressure of me and my work
iv) Misbalance between the personal and professional aspect of my life

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