Key aspects and legal issues related to e-commerce

Key aspects and legal issues related to e-commerce

Any business including online business follows and adapts to some revenue model which deals with the all the perspectives of generating revenues. Mainly, the revenue model is meant to clarify information such as what is price of a particular product or service, which will pay and through what mean. Through this, businesses can define their scope, vision and mission.It is extremely crucial for the companies to get a specified fix revenue model and means of its operations in order to thoroughly understand the cash inflow and outflow. There are several revenue models that are specifically designed to meet the Hence, the revenue models which are followed by different givenwebsites are discussed below in detail:

souq is a well-known business related website which is known for the selling of different products. Their business domain deals with multiple products and hence their portfolio has a huge range of items in it. Different sellers can post there items with all the details and when the buyer purchase any item, a commission based fee is charged by which is mainly based on each item sales value. All the details are given on the website as well. There are different categories such as personal computers, cell phones, video games etc. which are making most of the online business today and people prefer to buy such items online by clarifying the item's specifications. Hence, is making a valuable profit using their reliable services of selling and purchasing and afterwards delivering products. They are also gaining a handsome revenue amount with their profit oriented model that is leading their business structure. provides online recruitment and employment solutions for the employers. This site mainly provides advertising services with which the different employers can post the jobs which are available worldwide. The earning is based on the fee for advertisement which is according to the different packages available i.e., JobsLite, Classic, Plus and Premium. These packages provide basic and advance functionalities. Hence, this platform is well known for applying for jobs by sitting at home to different job positions globally. Many popular companies such as Emirates, Baker Hughes, Descon etc. hire using this platform. Hence, their revenue generation is commendable. is a great platform where sellers sell their different products using online transactions. It is the most popular and years known name for their reliable customers in order to execute the selling and purchasing business. Sellers can either sell using simple selling with fixed pricing or can use auction style selling. Hence, the revenue model uses is by the transaction fees which is paid by the sellers on their each successful sellingand is based on different type of items. There system is fixed for the company's interest ratio for all the selling auctions of clients. Furthermore, the advertising of different items and products on the website by various renowned companies and brands also aid to earn a substantial amount of revenue.

Hotmail is a famous website which is widely used by millions and billions of users to send secure and safe messages and to communicate online by sending and receiving e-mail messages. Hotmail provides free services to users; however, the revenue model of Hotmail is the advertising of different ads on their website. The advertisers pay Hotmail in order to acquire email accounts of the registered users so that they can send their messages of any type such as any new offer on any brand, product or any new service being launched near a particular user etc. all this is possible when the Hotmail services expose the email account holders to such advertisement companies.

TripAdvisor is one of the world's largest platform operating in forty eight countries and which provides services to the travelers as well as different travel choices are provided to them including hotel and booking details, accommodation and restaurants etc. the revenue model of TripAdvisor is based mainly on the advertising which again is of two types i.e. display advertising and click based advertising. Moreover, subscription revenue is also the earning media of this website i.e. different agencies, restaurants and hotels as well as booking sites pay TripAdvisor on regular basis for their promotion and advertisement. Their social media promotions and all the advertising campaigns let them increase their brand awareness and loyalty.

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