Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Sexual harassment is actually a behavior which the persons perform as physically or by the other act at the workplace. Sexual harassment is performed by the any person. It can be performs by manager, boss, supervisor, director, subordinate etc. this behavior is not lawful because the people hurts and gain the stress through this act. The victim can be women and men both.

There are different forms of harassment. It can be verbal, physical, psychological, and visual. Verbal harassment is actually the statement which is told to the victim directly or indirectly like bad or teasing jokes, repeated and unwelcomed requests for dates. While in the physical harassment victim is harassed by the physical act like in an office a male manager harass his female worker by blocking her path or other acts like pushing, punching, poking etc. psychological harassment is tease the other person by comments, actions of the different type of gestures like a male supervisor in an office tell her subordinate that he is interested in her but she does not response or she does not like him but still he shows such actions which shows the interest in her this will physical harassment.  While in the visual harassment offensive jokes of sexual nature in written or electronic form such as emails, instant messages or text messages etc. are included.

Many studies and researches has shown that in the history women have been the victim in the workplace. Before 1970 these different types of behaviors of harassment were not give the name then in united states it was identified by the women workers then this became illegal unlawful not only in the united states but also in the many countries. Actually in the different organizations young girls are mostly become victim otherwise many other single, divorced or separated women also become the victim in the workplace and the different obstacles create in the way of their work  which not only create the hurdles in their work but also in the effectiveness of the organization.

Through the grow of time it is seen that not only the women become the victims of harassment at the workplace but sometimes the men also comes in this category. Due to harassment their daily life disturb and stressful and they cannot give the proper attention to their work. Different researches has shown that due to the harassment many men becomes ill and their jobs become affected and the organizations also suffer due to their workers absenteeism and the firms mostly lose their appreciated workers.

Different studies has shown that many organization's financial performance becomes low and they bear the cost due to sexual harassment at workplace. For the prevention of this act many organizations has made their different policies against the harassment. Firms also conduct the trainings related to harassment at workplace so that everyone can aware that what is right and what is wrong in the workplace in this way they avoid such type of behavior which cause the sexual harassment because due to harassment several problems and issues create like low productivity, low morale, turnover rate and absenteeism. That's why organization make the rules and policies so that they can compete in their business process.

There are several ways through which everyone can control this sexual harassment at workplace. Like if someone harass another person then he or she should not ignore it and should clearly tell the harasser that he is doing wrong and never underestimate your power. Otherwise if the harasser continuously harass then complain the organization's manager or the director. Organizations are recognized due to their culture and every organization wants that their employees work with enthusiasm full potential that's why firms provide the safe environment in which everyone works with full of freedom.

Many organizations think that due to the lawsuit they will bear the cost and their reputation will damage in the market due to sexual harassment that's why they make the procedures internally like they send the description in the different forms like training to their employees in which they learn and know that how can prevent from the sexual harassment

Otherwise organization should also take the other effective measures that fulfill the legal requirement to prevent the sexual harassment behaviors like warn the harasser that he or she would be punish like if he will continue this act then his salary will be deduct, or he will be demote or transfer. Sometimes it becomes difficult to proving that someone is harassing that's why if any such condition creates then victim should get prove like she should warn the other person in writing to stop the harassment then harasser will response in the same way and victim can get prove.

Not only the organization but the Government also takes part to create the awareness about the sexual harassment to their public like Government Issue and distribute many books on sexual harassment and many advices and guidelines are provide in those books that how can prevent from these types of act.

So we conclude that harassment has become the most serious topic in workplace and no one should ignore it. If someone will ignore that he or she will face many problems in his or her life otherwise the organizations also suffer because their effectiveness decrease and they cannot maintain their reputation regarding the corporate culture in the market. So the organizations should take the serious actions so that everyone can feel more comfortable in their workplace and it will be good for them, their family and their organizations.

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