New technology is increasingly being used to teach students

In The past lectures were the traditional method of  teaching large numbers of students. Nowadays new technology is increasingly being used to teach students. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new approach? Sample essay with detailed vocabulary help and advice on structuring the essay for coherence.

A sound education system is a pre requisite in today's world. One must adhere to the norms of quality education in schools. It is the foremost requirement for the development of any nation. However, in today's world, teaching concepts have changed entirely.

Earlier, the old Traditional method of teaching was used in schools and colleges, but now in the era of 21st century, new teaching techniques and methods have evolved. Traditional methods have given way to new technology. Being in par and excellence in today's scenario one must follow and adhere to the new teaching aids and guidelines. Syllabus has changed entirely as compared with the old and earlier days. Today's requirement is the teaching of modern technique in every field so that the child can carve niche by their knowledge.

When we talk about teaching, Modern way of teaching is the 1st thing that one wants to learn. Even children want to learn various new techniques of education. They want to explore and reach new heights today. And this can only be achieved by learning new ways of teaching. Our society is majorly accepting and adopting modern techniques of learning. Where ever we go, in any country or nation, schools and colleges are following new ways of teaching and learning.

Modern technology of teaching is an advancement and improvement in old teaching methods. But these cannot be totally being called as a boon for the society. If these modern techniques are a boon for the society, then these are at the same time bane for us as well. In furtherance to it, it has various disadvantages as well. Although it has become very easy to access to the entire world today by modern techniques, but at the same time this has proved to be a big disadvantage as well to the entire nation. Although schools and colleges, everywhere have come out with new aids of teaching and learning, but at the same time these modern methods are not enough for the students today to be called educated.

The very first disadvantage of this is that students and children are not being taught proper grammar in schools because of modern techniques. As modern techniques include teaching on a laptop or tablet or via internet, the learning and grasping power of the students are not as compared to the students earlier. Though the students have become tech savvy, but they are not developing learning and writing skills like the old traditional method. This is a very big disadvantage of its own kind. The schools however have given easy tips and access to learning, but do not understand its drawback. The student has merely become a puppet. They are not applying their own presence of mind where required. Because of this modern education facility being provided to the students at the school level, they are being spoon fed. They are basically cramming the facts and figures. Grammar has totally disappeared from one's life. Students are not aware of proper grammatical skills. This in turn is becoming a bane for the children and students. Another factor that rises from it is writing and reading skills. Writing and reading skills of the students are also lacking. Because now the students have started "goggling" facts, they are not developing proper reading and writing skills. This used to be the main factor of teaching in the older days, which is now lacking in the students today.

Another very debatable point is v-sat, which are gaining more and more popularity. Although the students have gotten easy access to v-sat classes by remaining in their own home town. But there is a big disadvantage to it. Due to same, once again reading and writing skills are not being developed. Another very major drawback is that the retaining power of students has reduced because of e learning system growing at fast speed. This cannot be applied to each and every subject. Although these classes have by and large gaining popularity rapidly pan world, but as said earlier, the students are being spoon-fed. They are basically cramming the thoughts without being explained to them. Practical lesson are no more taught today which have caused the students mind and knowledge to be limited. Because of these modern techniques, the students are merely doing anything to prove their ability. It is a clear question mark on the ability of the student itself.

Lastly I would like to mention by saying that if Modern ways of teaching are being accepted in today's scenario, one should also follow the traditional techniques of learning which are still a boon for our students and at the same time our economy and also our overall development. Schools and colleges should still garner the basic method of teaching in its currillum; which will in turn prove a boon for our students as well.

If the modern education and technique is fair, at the same time it is fallacious to some extent.

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