Analyse the role HR department in maintaining

Analyse the role HR department in maintaining effective employee relationship within an organization: A case study of Dubai Islamic Bank

Any business organization whether small or big, is made up of several personnel with different backgrounds, levels of education, aspirations, capabilities and performance levels. Most of them look for personal growth and opportunities while they devote their efforts for the benefit of the organization as a whole. There are bound to be some degree of clashes and conflicts when differing personalities come together for work. When the organization has to succeed, it is necessary to maintain effective and healthy relationship within an organization. It happens to be the responsibility of the HR department and a challenging one. Healthy relationships have to exist among employees and also between management and employees. Effective relationships help to reduce conflicts and raise the morale of employees leading to the positive and constructive development of an organization.

Some key factors enable the management of employee relationships. The first one is excellent communication. Employees must maintain a proper and continuous communication flow so that there is no misunderstanding among them. Top to bottom and bottom to top connection must be easy and smooth. Many times, it happens that management does not share all information with all the employees. Employees do not feel involved in the decisions. It is advisable to include the employees in all meetings. The organization must show a keen interest in training and enhance the performance of the employees. It leads to their personal growth. The company must show interest in the development of each element. The performance of employees must be approved and appreciated. Awarding a certificate once in a while helps to boost the enthusiasm of employees. "Take time to appreciate employees, and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways," says BOB Nelson.  At the same time, every employee must be given a chance to improve upon errors and shortcomings. Giving memos does not solve the problem. Instead of taking the employees for granted it is better to challenge them to a certain extent. It makes them work with greater zeal. Without competition, one cannot expect improvement. However, the competition should be just enough to maintain a spirit and not end up in the rivalry.

Interactions between employees are mostly official and formal. The organization must encourage social and informal relationships through events like picnics, parties, competitions, etc. this allows the employees to know each other better and get acquainted with family members and backgrounds. It certainly helps to improve relationships between them. Relationships influence the behaviour and performance at the workplace.

Dubai Islamic Bank is a pioneering institution that combines the best Islamic values with technology and innovation and is a leader in the banking field setting a good example for others to follow. HR department at the bank thrives for best practices, being an accredited employer of the first choice by effective leadership. Leaders develop leaders at every level, which helps to fulfill the bank's mission, vision, and values and develop an organizational culture that supports the DIB corporate mission.

Employee's relationships are responsible for cultivating a productive workforce. Healthy relationships foster the environment where the employees have to spend a greater part of each day. The organization cannot get the best out of them if conflicts persist over a long time. Rather than resolving conflicts, the HR staff should see that conflicts do not arise. Prevention rather than cure is the better alternative in this regard. The HR department should regularly make efforts to promote the values and guiding principle of the organization so that all employees share the same vision. A positive climate is created. All efforts are directed towards common goals, preventing differences of opinion and eventually, clashes or conflicts.

The bank provides training to newly appointed staff members. The bank is law abiding; salary packages are as per norms and public holidays are duly given. The bank avails the services of organizations like SHRM, CIPD, DHRF and ASHRM. These HR agencies provide a guideline that helps to enrich the HR department and cater to the needs of the employees in every way. The bank HR department monitors day-to-day activities and keeps a strict eye on all actions. Hr Committees immediately attend minor conflicts between employees are appointed for resolving major conflicts. The HR department at the bank is extremely well-organized with clearly defined policies. If employees face any problems, they have the freedom and right to approach the department, discuss their problems and get solutions. This liberal attitude of the HR personnel goes a long way in encouraging and maintaining healthy relationship among the employees.

The bank has a system to manage upward, downward and horizontal communication between employees. Notices are regularly circulated, and meetings are held at regular intervals. Views and opinions of employees are considered and dealt with during meetings. Hence, differing opinions are handled collectively, and important decisions are taken in meetings so that there are no problematic issues later.

After all, employees are the pillars of an organization. "Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with the stimulus, encouragement and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's vision," is the valuable piece of advice given by Anne, M. Mulcahy, former chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation.  When there are clashes among small families, there are bound to be conflicts in an organization where thousands of employees work together. The HR department at Dubai Islamic Bank plays a significant role in maintaining smooth communication and healthy work relations among all employees in the bank.

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