Impact of Performance Management and Evaluation on Organizational Performance

Impact of Performance Management and Evaluation on Organizational Performance and Productivity

Impact means one thing is influence by other. The impact of performance management is broad. Performance management stands for the process that gives complete detail about the working, progress, and gives complete accountability of what has done so far. They not only monitor advances in business it also provides a boosting blast to the employees. It creates a sense of responsibility and directs the employees to make their personal goal and organizational goal at the same target to achieve. Management here works for the overall development of the organization. This type management usually takes place at high-level industries, business, and companies.

Performance management is completely looking after the ways and methods for the benefits. These methods and ways are evaluated time to time by performance. Evaluation refers the comparison or a check made by the top level authority to check whether the decision and ways are helpful or not. A Proper set of rules is made for the evaluation purpose a set of the team is appointed which is directly controlled by the entrepreneur. It is a very important step. Evaluation is done not only on performance management. It also looks after the organizational performance and productivity.

Organizational refers to the goals and achievements of any company. Organizational performance relates to the overall performance of the enterprise. It looks about the productivity, employee's engagement, achievements, new inventions, etc. Productivity refers to the amount of production done by an individual or a company. This production is marked on the basis of previous year records. They check the overall growth of the company on various scales. The organizational performance also includes strategic planning, operations, finance, legal matters, etc.

Organizational performance is a complete bureau of all the working of the company. It not only measures the amount of progress. It looks after the company from the very first step of planning. Planning the work and working out on the ways to increase the number of profits. It not only works and support in planning of the company. It also helps in decision making. In which they include the decision regarding whom to hire. The needs of employees and the qualification required by the company from employees. They also work on from where to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the employees.

In the process of upgrading the skills, two moods of training are used by all. These two methods are very common in today's world. They are on-the-job training and off-the-job training. These two are the ways in which the employee is being taught to use the new techniques of using and accessing the new technology. In on-the-job training the usually the higher officials or the seniors provide training. There are cases where these seniors are the experts and are hired from the outside sources. In this mode of training, employees are being paid their regular salary.

Off-the-job training this type of training usually takes place outside the office. The employee will not be a part of the office, i.e. he/she didn't have to attend the office for the number of days they are on training. These pieces of training are conducted by the outsourced officials hired by the company. This mode of training is sometimes paid and unpaid depending on the level of the training. These training methods are chosen by the officials only. They also participate in the legal matters of the company.

Organizational performance has a complete link on with performance management. Both are equally necessary for the growth of an organization. If an organization does not have proper and set goals, they cannot achieve any target. If any company has to achieve its organizational goals and wants to fulfill the desired wants a regular check is needed. It can be done in an efficient way by the performance managers only. Performance management has a particular set of officers who deeply inspect about the quality and proper packaging or manufacturing of the product. Some set of standards is being marked as a base for the check. On the basis of these standards, goods are being checked and processed.

In the end, it would be right to conclude that the performance management has a great impact on the evaluation of organizational performance and productivity. If performance management is done properly without any flaws, the companies can use guarantee a high number of profits in a minimum period. The company is entirely dependent on the strategies and ways made by the officials hired in the management. But trusting someone with closed eyes is not right. To ensure that the plans made are beneficial for all. Proper evaluation and regular check by the senior are necessary. It will decrease the chances of the frauds.

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