Why do students miss classes and what do teachers think of that?

Why do students miss classes, and what do teachers think of that 

Now a days there can be many reasons why students miss classes. Sometimes they miss classes intentionally and sometimes there is a genuine reason behind it. The genuine reason can be one's illness. Some student's weak immune so then gets sick very often and they are not even able to attend the school. Faculties in this case sometimes believes after seeing the proxy but sometimes is not easy to convince faculties. Mainly students miss their lectures because they want to hang out with their friends. Hanging out with friends have now become the biggest reason to bunk the lectures. Sometimes they find it bore to attend the lectures as they don't have any interest in the subject. Sometimes they miss the class because they have interest in the subject but they don't find the topic being discussed to be interesting.  Although if the topic is not interesting it can be made interesting by the way it is being presented to the students. Sometimes it depends upon the student to student. Some students attend lectures because they think that the lecture would include all the study material related to their homework and tests. The large no. of lecture bunkers are those students who don't like to study or they find study just waste of time as they are not interested in the studies. Sometimes they bunk classes because the find themselves too tired to attend the further lectures.

Teachers find bunking classes a bit offensive as bunking classes disturb their teaching process, because the students who are not interested in listening keep disturbing and others don't come and attend the lectures. The teaching process is not successful as many students miss their classes and teachers are not able to circulate the complete knowledge to every student. The teachers somehow feels dis hearted as she cannot circulate the knowledge and the students do find there lectured to be interesting. Due to some students all the students are effected as teachers sometimes get irritated after not seeing a good number of students in the class. Sometimes the students are dis hearted after seeing that the teacher is absent and feels that they are not going to be praised as if now.

When many students miss lectures the teachers start giving attention to the students who are actually regular in their lectures which demotivates other students and they tend to not attend the lectures anymore. They feel demotivated and stop attending the lectures. Some students miss the lecture because they have a strong back as they can pay to get passing marks in school or college and only goes to school or college for formality. Some students are lazy as if once they miss the lecture and something important happened in that lecture they start on avoiding those has they has to read and learn more. Another reason can be that the students sometimes get humiliated by the teachers for doing something wrong.

Many measures can be taken to prevent bunking of classes/lecture as to help all the students in their achievement. There can be automatic attendance system so that a default message can be sent to the parents of the absentee. Instead of monthly weekly test reports should be given or sent to the parents as to have a track of their academics. A strict eye should be kept on the students who are frequently absent and the teachers on their own should go to their homes to meet their parents in order to know the reason of being absent. They should be punished hardly so that they would never think of doing the same again. They should be told that bunking lectures is one of the worst thing to do as they are just spoiling their parent's hard earned money and though they are ruining their lives. They should be told the importance of education ion their lives and should be told that how fortunate they are that they are getting educated. Because some don't even get chance to go to school due to poverty. 

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