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Barriers to Information Sharing

       Information sharing faces various challenges that hinder its transmission from place to another. This essay therefore, explores the various barriers that information sharing in an organization faces.

The first barrier is technology barrier within an organization. Development in technology facilitates sharing of information and integrates new ways of sharing information. Technological links between organizations are critical factors for information sharing. Organizations may use different hardware, programming language sand software, which are difficult to integrate thus making it a problem. Hoffman and Mehra (2000) says that technological factors may lead to breakdown of information sharing thus it should be dealt with earlier. Dawes (1996) says that differences in technological capabilities of chain members may also lead to difficulties in inter-organization information system. Lack of ability of experts to maintain the level of technology due to rapid and gradual changes in technology also may hinder information sharing.

Secondly, a financial constraint is also major barriers in information sharing. Cost is a main challenge on infrastructure and work force requirements for information sharing. Adequate funds are required for technological systems to beinstalledwithout which information sharing would be curtailed. Large amount of financial resources are also needed for redesigning internal organizational and technical processes, changing traditional and fundamental product distribution channels, customer service procedures and training of staff to achieve efficient information sharing in supply chain (Motwani et al., 2000). A lot of finance is also required for staff training and specialized work force, which is an obstacle to information sharing. Most of the small organizations do not have enough funds to employ consultants that help in implementation of information sharing systems (Soriano et al., 2002).

Finally, socio-cultural barriers also affect the information sharing .Information culture within the organization should be conducive to information management. This means a culture that secures the support, enthusiasm and co-operation of staff and management alike (Curry and Moore, 2006).Low technological literacy of the staff also affects  implementation information sharing in an organization(Stewart et al., 2004).Lack of commitment from the employees and conducive environment  is a major social barrier for sharing of information in any organization. Connelly and Kelloway (2003) says that the effect of organizations' culture of affects the employees attitude on sharing of information. . According to Curry and Moore (2006) also says that failure to recognize cultural gaps between stakeholders in an organization affects information sharing.

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