How alternative medicine can be used to effectively treat diseases

How alternative medicine can be used to effectively treat diseases

Any substances that heal our illness or injury are called medicines. These substances will be helpful to maintain our health. Various types of medicines are available that may be in the form of tablets, creams, injunctions, suppository etc. Some medicines will helpful to increase our immune system and protect our body from various diseases.

Parents are usually giving their kids various types of nutrition's. This nutrition's are also included in alternative medicines group. Another thing is nowadays people giving more importance to herbal medicines because herbal medicines are considered safer and it has very less side effects. Several types of herbal medicines are used for the treatment of diabetics, heart attacks, skin problems, allergy etc. Herbal medicines used to overcome obesity also. Individuals are considering alternative medicines such as yoga, meditation and other physical activities having long last effect in our body. Through these types of alternative medicines individuals may gain physical, mental and spiritual health.

Sometimes people may consume vitamin tablets such as B complex etc. These herbal treatments and vitamins tablets are also considered as complementary medicines. Through alternative medicines we can't replace standard medicines. Alternative medicines are supposed to accompany the standard medicines. Nowadays these alternative medicines are commonly using instead of standard medicines

Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy etc are included in alternative medicines. It is considered that before 5000 years ago Ayurveda was originated in India. Ayurveda includes various treatments such as yoga, diet, herbal treatments etc. Lot of people considering these treatments are very helpful to cure our body pains, injuries etc. The major thing we should consider is that conventional medicines are carefully designed and it is proved to be safe. But lacks of studies are conducted on complementary medicines. So benefits or dangers may happen.

In India Homeopathy is also considered as very effective treatment. Especially for the treatment of small kids parents usually prefer Homeopothy. Homeopathy system of alternative medicine. It was developed a long years back after that the basic chemistry was developed.

Based on the healing power of nature the naturopathy was developed. In the naturopathy treatment doctors try to understand body, mind and spirit of the patient. Through this process doctors are finding out the reasons of disease. In this doctors always prefer natural treatment like changes in life cycle or diet etc. Acupuncture is one of the best examples for naturopathy.

The benefits of alternative medicine are that it is very helpful for cancer patients to overcome side effects of conventional method. Cancer patients go through several treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormonal treatments. Cancer patients suffer with pain and may lead to depression. There are several alternative medicines using to decrease the pain and depressive mood. Chemotherapy having unpleasant side effects. It may be short term or long term side effects such as nausea and vomiting. Some herbal extracts are using as alternative medicine to improve life quality and side effects of chemotherapy of cancer patients. There are some complimentary therapies are using to overcome side effects of radiotherapy. After radiotherapy, patients may feels skin itching. Homeopathic medicines are used to mange this condition.

Nowadays more cancer patients are choosing alternative medical treatments. They have a strong belief that through this way they can cure cancer. But some of the studies showing that alternative medical treatments are ineffective.

 Dietary alternative cancer treatments are a type of alternative medical treatment .It is very costly and sometimes harmful also. Some of the cancer patients may prefer this method. They believe that through nutrients they can cure cancer. But no clinical studies showing that this method is effective for cancer patients.

Another alternative treatment method for cancer patients is Garson regimen. This is an organic, vegetarian diet. This is based on some strict schedules of diet. Along with a number of vitamin supplements are also given for patients. No clinical studies showing this is an effective method. So sometimes it may be harmful. Nowadays combinations of herbs are commonly used as alternative cancer treatments. These herbal medicines may be in the form of powder, liquid or pill. Green tea is one of the best examples for this. Some herbal mixture also available to prevent cancer. But latest studies showing that these herbal mixtures may lead to blood clots. Due to these side effects now they are recalled. There are several studies conducted to find out any herbals will improve or cure cancer. But none of the studies showing a positive result. Same time it is proven that some herbals have dangerous bad effects also. Anyone who is considering use of alternative medicines should collect all information about benefits and risk of treatment. Through government sponsored websites we can collect all these information.

Some patients may prefer combination of alternative medical treatment and conventional treatment. They must consider safety and potential benefit of the treatment and how the alternative treatment interacts with conventional treatment.

Some patients may refuse conventional treatment and chose alternative medical treatment. Recent studies saying that a woman with breast cancer refused or delayed surgery and choose alternative medical treatment. This leads to progression in cancer and to death. Similarly patients who are refusing hormone therapy, chemo therapy or radiations may leads to cancer progression.

To develop healthy muscles and strong bones chiropractic method is using. This is also a type of alternative medicine. It is very helpful to ease lower back pain, headache and high blood pressure.

Laughing therapy is now common in our society. There is lot of benefits are experiencing by individuals through laughing therapy. In this treatment individuals form a group and laughing loudly. People who are practising laughing therapy saying that it is very helpful to overcome issues related with blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetics. These people believing that laugher is the best medicine to cure all type of diseases.

Practising of yoga, meditation or laughing therapy will generate positive feeling in our mind so that we will become more optimistic in the life. These methods are very helpful to overcome stress, depression etc. There are several reasons to choose alternative medicines. Sometimes alternative medicines may fail to find out root cause of the problem.

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