How change in lifestyle has been causing cancer

How change in lifestyle has been causing cancer

When our body cells starts to divide without stopping leads to a serious condition. This type of division of cells is called cancer. This spread to surrounding tissues and will badly affect our whole body parts and leads to death. There are several symptoms for cancer. This may depend upon where cancer is located, size and affected rate our body. A cancer patient goes through four stages. If we are able to identify the cancer at the early stages then we cure it through medicines. If cancer is in certain parts of brain smallest tumour can cause symptoms. When cancer develops from first stage to fourth stage it will begin to push on close organs, blood vessels and nerves. This will causes some symptoms of cancer. But in some cases cancer may starts in place where it won't cause any symptoms. Once it grown large size then only we will be aware of it. Fever, extreme tiredness or weight loss may be symptoms of cancer. This is happening due to cancer cells use up much of the body's energy supply or they may produce some substances that change the way the body makes energy from food. Cancer will badly affect our immune system also. Sometimes cancer cell release substance in to the blood that cause symptoms that are not linked with cancer. In all types of cancer, some of the body's cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues.

Studies showing a number of reasons behind cancer formation. Most of the reasons are related with our lifecycle changes. These includes

1. Genetics

2. Smoking

3. Obesity and  overweight

4. Alcohol

5. Sun beds happening from Ultra Violet rays.

6. Air pollution etc

Nowadays people life style has totally changed. More and more people are consuming fast food and fatty foods. This extra fat will be very harmful for our body. It will lead to produce more hormones and affect functioning of cells. This lead to several diseases including cancer.

Studies' showing that obesity is the major reason for many types of cancer. Such as Cancer found in breast, Bowel, Womb, Oesophageal, Kidney, Stomach and Liver. Breast cancer and Bowel cancers are most common. Pancreatic, Oesophageal and Gallbladder cancers are hardest to treat.

When we taking more calories through our diet than we burning through physical activities leads through Obesity. The reasons behind calorie imbalance may vary from person to person. This may linked with genes or our environment or individual behaviour and choices. Fatty cells in our body are very active and they produce hormones and proteins. These will spread in our body through the circulation process. These can affect our body parts and may lead to many diseases especially cancer. Fat cells also affect our immune cells and then our immune system will be damaged.

Excess of our body weight may leads to vary hormone levels like oestrogen and testosterone. The hormone insulin is regulating metabolism. Usually more insulin will be present in the body of people who are suffering obesity. There I no clear evidence how this could lead to cancer, though it could be because insulin affects the levels of growth factors available to cells which tell them to divide. When people consuming more calorie foods too much fat is carried around the belly, it can do even more damage. These are linked to bowel, kidney, oesophageal, pancreatic, and breast cancers. Growth rate of tumour will directly or indirectly affected by fatty cells. Studies showing that there is close relation with obesity and breast cancer. There are many studies conducted to find out the relation between losing weight and breast cancer .These studies showing that lose weight reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Obesity may cause formation of stones in gall bladder and leads to gall bladder cancer. When we consume more fatty foods these fats will increases the blood pressure and chances to develop cancer in kidneys.

Due to Obesity excess body fat will stores in the stomach and they puts pressure on the abdomen and this will leads to cellular and DNA damage..

One in five children is overweight before they begin primary school, and one in three children are overweight or obese by the time they leave.

It is found that children's who are overweight are more grow up into obese adults. Obese adults are more at risk of cancer.  Parents should encourage their children to keep a healthy diet. In a healthy diet give more importance to vegetables and reduce the consumptions of fast-food. This will be very helpful to them keep a healthy body weight as a child as well as later.

Studies showing that through healthy diet, taking regular exercises and maintaining a healthy weight we can prevent cancer. So in simple words we can says that changes in our behaviour as well as life style is the best way to the prevention and control of cancer and many other diseases .

Changes in life style factors especially diet will helpful to fight with cancer those who having family history of cancer or currently struggling with cancer.. We should include variety of foods in our diet. We should be aware about foods which increases risk of cancer and try to avoid it. At the same time some foods are very helpful to strengthen our immune system. we should consume these foods maximum. So we can maintain our health. Our health depends upon what we eat and don't eat. Without understanding this people may eat fast foods and other high calorie foods .Same time we are neglecting powerful foods and nutrients that can protect our body.  For example, a daily serving of processed meat increases your risk of colorectal cancer, whereas eating soy foods can help reduce your risk of breast cancer and eating more fruits and vegetables can lower your risk for a variety of common cancers. Changing our behaviour and diet leads to prevent all types of diseases especially cancer.

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