How can the current USA education system be improved

How can the current USA education system be improved?

The National Centre for Education Statistics carried out a survey in the year 2011-12 to bring forth the cumulative expenditure that the government bears for education purpose solely. They came up with the fact that an amount of $632 billion was utilised by the government that did not even include the expenditures regarding school supplies like laptops, extracurricular activities like sports, college preparation courses and transportation ( Edutopia ).This report clearly shows how expensive the education system in USA has become.

Due to widespread immigration and brain drain of different countries, the present scenario of the United States of America is that, the population is relatively high as compared to employment facilities. Around 80% of the people pass the elementary school level and fail to continue with college. The reason behind is financial crisis. It has been found that the college costs borne by the students are through educational loans ( Edutopia ). As a result of such expensive education, many fail to master a subject and end up doing jobs that are least suited to them or get into criminal activities to survive. And those who somehow master their field end up in doing jobs of lesser qualification to pay back their education loans.

The financial crisis is very evident in almost all families there to cope up with the living standards. The repercussion is that both the parents work and seem to neglect their kids ( Lynch, 2015 ). It is not possible for a teacher to make the students study everything in such a short span of time. On top of that, the introduction of technology in the classrooms in the form of smart boards have disturbed the common form of teaching where some experienced teachers are lagging behind due to lack of computer knowledge in comparison with the technology savvy kids of the country. Teachers, who have grown old, neither can be thrown out of the institution, nor can they cope up with the kids' growing knowledge of the world. There is no point punishing them. Instead they should be trained according to the changing times. Teachers training workshops should be held and teachers should be made to learn all the recent techniques of delivering education. According to Erin Skarda, a teacher's job should be modernized and focus should not be on punishing bad teachers to improve the education system.

As immigration rate in the US is very high due to better standards of living and GDP, multiculturalism is a prominent phenomena. Children from different backgrounds go to public schools converting them into a battleground to prove the superiority of one's culture and religion. Parents should provide homeschooling if the children are to take up religious studies. Moreover, the number of schools compared to the number of students is very less and almost all the schools are overcrowded. Individual attention is not possible for a teacher to deliver. As the understanding aptitude varies from child to child, it is very difficult for a teacher to make sure that her teaching has reached everybody in a classroom. Above that the parents fail to pay attention to the needs of their children.

Keeping all these things in the background we can point out the ways in which the education system in USA can be improved. In the first place is the need to cut the expenses of education. Education has become very expensive and the government should act well and provide better fee structures for the students. Secondly, the system should change from the ground level. More and more public schools should be built where the classroom strength should be of reasonable number. The classrooms should not get over populated. Third is the need for Teacher Training Programs from time to time to ensure the quality of education. In the fourth place stands the need for better employment initiatives taken up by the government so that people take interest in research oriented and higher education. It should not be a burden anymore. Fifth is that the government should be active with the improving economic scenario. The spending should not be stagnant.

Apart from this some initiatives should be taken from the individual side. Parents should pay more attention towards their wards and help them with their studies. Homeschooling should be in their agenda so that the child develops the moral and ethical values and starts thinking intensively. These alterations if made in different levels can really make a difference for the better.

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