The Modern Rules of Personalized Learning

The Modern Rules of Personalized Learning

 Modern means present or most recent period of development which involves recent techniques, methods or ideas and leads to current innovations as a part of extension of past. Human being is the most intelligent animal in this world and has the ability to adapt or create new things that ultimately leads to changes that will be beneficial for the society.

Rule includes regulation, law, guidelines, guide for action, acceptable procedure, regulating principle and they are meant for control over people to get best results. We can say that it is a statement that tells you what is or is not allowed or what will happen. It's like a control by the authorities to look at her subordinates the work is going on as per the described format. In the field of education, rules play an important rule for the proper educational system to move on. 

Modern rules means set of act of principles which modifies or act according to the need of current era or situation in which we are living and it is very important for the changing or developing society that we must change rubrics for new education reforms.

Personalized means one to one where design of learning meet the individual requirements or make changes according to individual needs. It means one has to make or alter or change in this methodology or way of delivering instructions so as to meet individual or learner's needs. In simple words, personalized means instructions are for or directed or adjusted to particular individual.

Learning is acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, research, experience, or being taught. It is the act or experience of one that learns by study. It is a relatively permanent change in the behavior or attitude of an individual with the passage of time. It simply refers to what we do fruitful or for acquiring knowledge.

The term personalized learning means it includes a diverse variety of educational programs, learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support strategies that lead to distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, requirements of all types of students as in a classroom we are having variety of students as gifted child, creative child, intelligent child, average, poor, physically and mentally challenged. In a normal classroom it's like a challenge for a teacher to fulfill the requirements of all kinds of students so here comes personalized learning that is beneficial for both teacher and students as education includes teaching and learning. Teaching means to impart knowledge by the teacher and it's the duty of teacher to make his student understand the concept. Learning is a two way process that goes on and on between teachers and students as it is the first duty of teacher to learn what's going on around the world in her subject as well as others around the world and then how he imparts her knowledge to the students using which methodology so that students understands and then learning word is mainly meant for students how they learn the concept. As we know about the individual differences in a particular classroom, then learning should be according to their needs.

As we are living in a developing democratic country, we have the right to think free and can bring change for the development of our nation. Education is the one and only tool that will lead our country to reach the heights. It's the need of our nation to bring new reforms in education system so that wisdom leads to 100% success rate of our country. There is a difference between literacy rate and wisdom rate as we are giving free education to each and every individual and trying to make people more literate, but where is the wisdom so that people can ideally differentiate between right and wrong and all the students of the class can learn at the same pace. For this to happen, that all the students attain the same level there is a need of personalized learning. As we are living in 21st century, all the schools of country must focused on personalized learning and it will also help teacher to attain its success rate of efficiently teaching to all the students. In this, teacher has used this innovative ways and technology in her methods of teaching.

In earlier times, Lecture method of teaching is the best method of teaching, where teacher delivered the lesson and students listen to it and they will understand or not doesn't bother to anyone. Because at that time Education is to impart knowledge and they have to take subject matter inside from outside. But in today's world as we want everyone to learn so teaching should be according to one's need. Education means to take out the knowledge from inside. We all know something its need of time that instead of imposing we must take out from self within.  For example, one student is very good in creative and not good in writing, teacher can give her project and evaluation can be made accordingly as per Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation, not on one time examination as we all examination is a chance.

Use of technology to improve:

i)  Student experience.

ii) Student Success

iii) Creativity

iv) New innovations in student's mind

v)  Versatile Students

vi)  Diversity of thoughts

vii)  Approach towards learning

viii) Individualization

ix)   Own learning

x)  Around the globe to satisfy hunger of learning

xi)  Learning at their own pace

xii) Support students

xiii) Quality Education

xiv) Focused Education

In this teacher acts as a facilitator who will make lessons for students with the help of technology and videos and audios which students can watch as per there need and can learn according to their time. All the lessons are made with innovative ways using technology and at the end quiz, True False, multiple choice questions or matching are given to evaluate the learning of students. Simple experiments can be given which they can perform at their home to make learning more effective.

Personalized Learning is HANDS-ON MINDS-ON PROGRAMME. 

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