Energy, Science and Spirituality

Energy: Science and Spirituality

Energy is the term which is termed in a different manner in various studies. In a most simple way, the energy is the power within us which enables us to do any work. In the terms of science, the energy is gained when we eat food but in spiritual terms, we all have energy within us; it depends on human beings who they use it. The people who are noble with good soul are said to have a positive energy and the people who are into the wrong doings are said to have negative energy. However, way the energy is defined, it can be ruled out that there exists some force which defines our action be it physically or emotionally. That is why it said the person could be judged not by his words but through his energy.

The energy is defined in a scientific way and as well as in spiritual terms. It is very vital to understand the two aspects of the single term.

Scientific Energy:

In science or specifically Physics energy is the property of an object, or it can be said as the ability to do any work. The energy has divided into many forms; the kinetic energy is to describe the energy of moving an object, the thermal energy is for the temperature of an object, potential energy for the object's position, elastic energy for the stretching objects and so on. According to the Newtonian Physics, the energy can neither form or destroyed but changes the form. When a ball is thrown from heights the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. In scientific terms, the energy can be measured, and the type of unit used to measure the energy depends on upon the form of energy. The human beings are said to have the physical energy.

Spiritual Energy:

Spiritual energy is like defining the human energy in different terms; love, truth, knowledge and in many other expressions. According to spirituality, there is some divine power which binds the universe. The people preach spirituality to pure their soul and meet the divine power.

 Connection between Science and Spirituality:

The energy defined in human beings which are termed as physical energy is termed as the divine energy regarding spirituality. It is said that this energy gives us the power to deal with crises and difficulties. Energy develops the human emotions. The people who preach spirituality try to achieve the divine energy, given by the supreme power in the universe.

Scientific and Spiritual energy are often seen as the two different ways of observing an object but it is looking at an object from two different angles. When we look at an object from two different angles, it is very natural that the two observations will not match, but they will be related to each other in some way or another. In science terms, Sun provides us with the solar energy but in terms spirituality, Sun is the source of energy which gives us life.

In another way it can also be said that the behind any discovery science asks the question 'how' and 'what' whereas spirituality is about oneself 'who I am'? The Science deals with the objective issue of thing while the subjective issue is concerned with spirituality. The scientist and spiritual people both enquire about the human existence; the scientist looks for the answer to various observations and experiments while in spirituality one finds the answer within oneself. The people who can find the reason for their existence becomes divine.

In many cases when even after the various experiments a scientist does not reach to any conclusion then the matter is concluded with the spiritual reasons. For a bright future, it is important that the science and spirituality work together because without it no task can be fully achieved. The science defines the process our day to day life and on another hand, the spirituality satisfies our spiritual needs; our inner self.

When a person does any action, with the help of science he can describe his actions but for the cause of actions he has to ask his inner self; the spirituality teaches us the cause of our actions. This is the only difference between science and spirituality. If we follow science and spirituality together, we can reach to the end of any topic easily.

In many fields; schools, colleges be it studies or sports the spiritual energy is also taught with the subject science so that, the students can understand both the aspects.     


According to the science, the energy is not created or destroyed it changes its form, in spirituality, it is said that the human energy gets converted into the form of love, hatred, anger and so on. It reflects that science and spirituality are not apart from each other but on reality, they complement each other.

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