Does Gym Help Students Perform Better in their Classes

Does Gym Help Students Perform Better in their Classes?

Studies have revealed that students participating in physical education and gym programs do better academically. Apart from fitness, it also enhances the students' concentration. Gym helps them stay in shape, physically as well as mentally. Researchers stay that gym is more than physical wellbeing and fitness. Students get to better their time management skills and routine.While some academicians argue that it distracts students, the positive side is that gym boosts a healthy lifestyle. Gym also tests the students' patience and motor skills. It develops and enhances their muscle growth. Gym creates the interest and passion for sports. Physical activity keeps students engaged and actively involved. Physiologists agree that students, who regularly participate in physical education programs and gym, sleep better. Plus, they don't have any behavioural problems. Some parents argue that gym makes the students exhausted. If the program is in the middle of the day, then the latter half of the day gets wasted as students lose interest in their academic work. They feel too tired and drained out. But schools argue that the gym classes are for thirty minutes or forty-five minutes just like other classes. Students are not drained out. Before the class ends, they are given ten minutes to wind down and freshen up. Gym is just like any other class. And students shouldn't see it as a different or special class. Because then they look for ways of not attending it or finding excuses to ditch it. Students should be interested in gym. They should be made aware of healthy lifestyles. And it doesn't come easy. It requires hard work. One needs to sweat it out on treadmills or weights! Unhealthy lifestyles and obesity can only be tackled with physical activity. This includes gym, exercises, and sports. Psychologists have highlighted that such activity reduces stress and depression. It keeps the students emotionally healthy.

Proper Instructions and Supervision

As students are amateur, they need proper instructions and supervision. Schools that require students to engage in at least an hour of gym class every week should employ experts. Through experts, students will get hands-on experience. Plus, they will get the proper guidance that academic teachers cannot provide. Students will feel motivated. They can develop an interest and go further on. Moreover, physical education programs such as gym and sports helps students manage their time. They develop a routine and stick to it. And they make sure that their coursework (classroom work) is completed on time. It builds a support centre. Through gym, students can work out their anger and other emotional problems. They get to communicate and mingle with like-minded persons. Students get to socialize and form a bond. Every student should get the opportunity at gym. To motivate and keep students going, schools, parents and the stakeholders need to work together.

Benefits of Gym

There are numerous benefits of gym for students. It energises the body, mind and soul. Gym:

-          Strengthens the body's immune system

-          Builds and strengths muscles and bones

-          Develops stamina

-          Stimulates the brain cells

-          Increases concentration

-          Enhances the overall health

-          Helps students to focus

-          Helps students do better at tests

It boosts the students' academic performance. Vigorous movement helps the nerves to pump blood to every part of the body. It cools and relaxes the body. Through gym class, students can take charge of their physical health. They can encourage their family and friends to participate. They can create awareness about exercise and wellbeing. Besides gym, students can motivate their families to live healthy lifestyle through proper and balanced diets. Students who are active in gym or in physical education programs tend to stay active and fit throughout their lives. They are not prone to fall to illnesses such as colds and flu. The gym instructor should help students in setting proper fitness goals. If there are obese students, the instructor can help them to a healthy weight through proper and timely exercises. They shouldn't be let down in front of their friends and peers. Schools should check on the instructors to see that they are not being too harsh on the students as it demotivates them. By being active, students tend to spend less time in front of the television or in their rooms. They prefer to spend their time with their family and friends outdoors or in physical activities such as bowling or badminton or walks. Schools should urge the students to maintain an active lifestyle outside schools too.

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