The Leader as a Mentor and a Director

The Leader as a Mentor and a Director

Leader is a person who leads the group of persons. He/she is the one who act as the face of the group. Who shows and explain the needs, problems and ways for the solution. Societies' welfare is the only motto. These people act as a guide to many. They are treated as guru or god by few. The expectation level of people is very high from the one on this post. There are several roles played by this person in different phases of life for different people. To be best in every field and work make him/her unique at the post of leader.

A mentor is the one act as adviser, and a leader to have to advice a lot of people for their benefit, and for the benefit of the people around them. Where as a director is the one who directs the work or the one who looks or manage all the work. Leaders act as a director because he/she directs the complete or group the way and type of working.

There are various qualities which are necessary for a leader. A leader should be honest. He/she should always be transparent to the group and society. They should never fraud with them for the self benefit or for the betterment of few people or groups. A leader is the one who is being trusted by many at the same time hated and disrespected by many at the same time. A leader has to be sure that these negative reviews should not affect their decision and their passion of doing work for people's benefit.

He/she has to be dedicated towards their work. The leader is a mentor for many people; the decisions taken by him are followed by many blindly. The people believe that the decisions taken by them are always right. In order to that there are many people who work only on the advice of these people. A mentor should assure that he/she must be sure and have proof to clarify their advice. It came up to the leaders to take decisions for the welfare only.

There are people who don't even question or argues for the words spoken by them, that doesn't implies that these leaders get freedom to do whatever they wish to. Being an mentor is not a easy task, a person has to be alert and active all the time. He/she should always be ready to do any job or work. It is not easy as it seems to be very easy but it is not that easy as it seems to be.

A well said line by Oprah Winfrey who brilliantly said that "A mentor is someone who allows you to see the light inside yourself". These lines have a very deep meaning. It explains that a mentor is the one who helps you to fight in your hard times. He/she is the one who help us to see a better side in ourselves. They help us to enhance the good and best hidden quality of ours. That would not be right to say that mentor and manager has to perform an equal task. As managing is a different task at the same time mentor has to be very attentive if they are not monitoring the stuff or matter properly then there are chances that he/she will fail to keep the respect of the position they got. A leader has to maintain a fair and needed distance in their personal and professional life. No decision should be taken on the basics of personal relationship or for personal needs and betterment. He/she should create a circle of rules and regulations which have to be followed by all and them as well. These rules will create a scene of discipline and helps to avoid clashes.

A leader has to order many people the way and steps to work. There task not ends here he/she has to look after the progress and ways of working. They have to sure that the work is going on in the right order and in write way. There are things which are to be seen and directed by a leader only. It is said that big directors usually becomes leaders. As they have long chain of followers.

In the end it would not be wrong to conclude that the leader is the one who has to perform various tasks in their lifetime. He/she has to assure to be honest. There work should always be delicate for the benefit of the society. They have to work for those who treat them well but at the same time they have to work for those also how hate them or treat them rudely or badly. The leader acts as both mentor and director.

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