Do Children learn better in boys only and girls only school

Do Children learn better in boys only and girls only school

Learning is the process of gaining knowledge which means to acquire knowledge. School is an institution where students went for learning. Now the question arises which schools are better for learning:

1. Boys only/Girls only

2. Co-Educational Schools

As we are living in a democratic country, so why we are talking about gender disparity. Then what is the need of gender disparity at the school level which is the beginning of learning stage.


 What is the need to have gender based education? But this is a controversial topic. Actually, earlier we have gender based schools because people were orthodox & they do not want to meet the opposite sex. This leads to more attraction towards opposite sex and infatuation. As boys gets more attracted towards girls and always thinks about her and vice-versa. There are so many demerits of same gender schools:

1.      Lack  of concentration on their own work

2.      Attraction/Infatuation

3.      Wastage of time

4.      Gender differences

5.      No motivation

6.      No respect for women

7.      Lack of experience of so many things

8.      Lack of information

So, with the above listed merits, I found that co-education is the best way of education where boys and girls together can take education under the same roof or in the same building.

According to my point of view:

1 Gender Disparity end: As when the children of two different sexes sit together in a class, there will be no differences & treated equally. So, boys will not think of themselves as superior as some sections of society are treating them.

2. Concentration power increases: As from the childhood, boys and girls are learning together so the concept of equality comes to their mind for both the sexes and they don't have much attraction for opposite sex as when they are studying in gender based schools there they have curiosity to see the girls. So, now they can concentrate on their own work.

3. Competition: When both girls and boys are studying together, they may develop the feeling of competition as girls are doing better from last so many years in board examination. So, it develops the feeling of excelling in boys also. As boys are good in mathematics and girls are in languages and arts, both can exchange their knowledge and can do something productive for our society and it helps our country to develop. As educated population leads a country for developed country.

4. Respect for girls: When they are studying together from the childhood, they came to know about etiquettes of how to behave with the girl and this will help them in their social life when they are home how to behave with mother, sister, wife, daughter and relatives. This will help them in enhancing their social life when they are at home or at public places. Finally it may develop a safe and beautiful nation.

5. Sex Education: In Co-education schools from time to time sex education is imparted to the students to understand the physiology of the sexes and how they are different from each other.

6. No curiosity: there is any curiosity for opposite sex as when they were studying together gender differences in mind ends.


                 So, here I conclude the topic by saying that No I don't think single sex schools is better for education: Students need a mix of girls and boys classmates for the betterment of society.  I don't think single sex schools are better for education, but rather Co-Education is the best option.


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