Opportunity for improvement in leadership in Health Care Unit

Following are two major areas in Heath Care Unit where opportunity for improvement in leadership are:

1. Maintenance and monitoring bed allocation: Systematic allocation need better coordination between departments. As a leader of the team, I should possess all skill to convince our team to implement this technology by educating them How to use, create reporting channel for communication flow regarding IN-OUT detail of patient which help me in identifying bed availability.

Proper monitoring and awareness need to be promoted in better way in order to create a room with confidence among whole team and better understand among each other to perform teamwork.

Teamwork activities further add to the smooth functioning of system, as it treats business as personal commitment and backfill each other under some unforeseen circumstances.

Recognition of work and appreciation of good work adds team confidence in management and also create a healthy working environment to perform better in teams.

Tracking and monitoring of efficiency and productivity needed to give a better report in front of management about team performance in term of business requirement of bed allocation which is very complex and critical in nature in order to maintain standards and fame of the hospital.

2. Medical Inventory and store:

This department works directly related to patient confidence in hospital care unit and effect branding, compliance and standard & guideline set up by authority. These need to be taken care with extensive care and continuous monitoring.

Installation of bar code to each selves, keep better recording and tracking system regarding medicine availability, expiry alert and store management.

Improvement needed in term of promoting comparative analysis of skills of store management in term of organizing selves, taking turnaround time for supplying medicines on time to buyers, record keeping and alert messaging regarding shortage and replacing expired and outdated medicine from shelves.

The incentive can be introduced to create a sense of value addition and sole responsibility regarding storage management and monitoring. Incentive are always a lucrative methodology which attracts individual attention toward doing something extra to get something extra. It is directly related to business and income growth.

Proper structure definition of satire should be implemented by providing training and information regarding store keeping methodology followed in other hospital will further help in adopting good ways and reducing inefficient way of maintenance.

Leadership quality is dynamic in nature and help everyone to showcase there inherent and external learning nature to implement in practical life for problem solving and work accomplishment. It should be highlighted to everyone in a team so that a sense of opportunity to explore their skill can be initiated and can get lots of options, ideas floating which can be used at time of crisis.

Recognition and achievement admiration for top performer further help in creating a healthy working environment and sense of competition will be seen as a deliver of quality delivery and management tracking.

Training and education always give an opportunity to learn something new and contemporary to meet the dynamic world taste which always changes in term of services and expectation from industry and also help in personal growth of the individual.

Thus, installation of leadership quality and chance of improving it can be achieved by putting yourself in more and more practical scenarios who give you the opportunity to learn, analyses and implement it.

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