Key Responsibility while association with Medical Case UNIT-Healt Case UNIT

Key Responsibility while association with Medical Case UNIT-Healt Case UNIT

The Health Care unit currently employed is associated with health care program and medical care unit. My association is with a medical care unit whose primary function is to provide curative care. Care Unit is equipped with the latest technology in term of patient monitoring, health record keeping and automated billing. The hospital maintained world class infrastructure, providing medical care in term of patient bed allocation, sampling lab, various disease monitoring which includes, BP, sugar, other infectious diseases.

I am working as administrative manager, assigned to maintaining infrastructure, deploying and monitoring compliance in term of medicine storage, inventory in care unit, maintaining compliance with regard to maintaining standard as per hospital rules and regulation for patients, employee, doctors, supporting staff etc., also take care of billing discipline and customer care department to judge customer satisfaction.

A key focus area of my responsibilities covers,

  • Handling customer care department
    • To manage customer satisfaction level,
    • Getting suggestion to improve care unit services,
    • Feedback for services installed,
    • Maintaining query resolution and escalation point,
    • Evolution of medical trend analysis with regard to traffic of queries.
  • Security and compliance, restoration:
    • Patient accountability in term of rules for medical care administration
    • Securing the security of the hospital and its services for any contingencies, foreseen or unforeseen.
    • Compliance regarding data security for patient health record, doctors and staff track record and other hospital functioning.
    • Deploying and monitoring integrity program me in hospital to meet the standard set up by management.
  • Medical inventory and store record keeping:
    • Tracking availability of medicine and key facilities in term of inventory management and control.
    • Removal of outdated medicine and equipment from facilities to maintain hospital standard and guideline.
    • Record keeping with chain through which it is operated and maintained.
    • Designing methodology and evaluation of wastage and reporting to management.
    • Over the counter safeguarding any illegal action or act.
  • Billing and cost control:
    • Looking after billing unit for operation, securing continuous billing system functioning and smoothen inconsistencies, in the case arises due to any fault in the system.
    • Keeping track record of asset inventory and record keeping assets.
    • Reporting to management for any discrepancies regarding asset in quality, the problem facing.
    • Ensuring cost control measure communicated to all levels of department for maintaining openness and sense of responsibility to staff, doctors and others for keeping cost control effectively.
  • Guideline implementation:
    • Maintaining disclosure channel to prove efficient implementation of guideline from the health ministry and governing bodies.
    • Maintaining advertisement, kiosk, leaflet and other material to keep guideline available to customer, parties, vendor and others.
    • Continuous touch with management, communication, cell to report and get updates on latest guideline and its implementation technique.
    • Sending review report and feedback timely to secure a hospital position in the evaluation.
  • Hospital Ambulance care unit:
    • Look after the traffic of the ambulance care unit
    • Meeting all types of requirement from maternity to operation requirement urgency in this facility.

Key Issue and High demand factor recognized during service deliver are;

  • Due to growing healthcare awareness, and regular monitoring, people demand for personalized, high attention and quick resolution service.
  • Timely delivery has become vital and put lots of pressure on the customer service department to meet expectation.
  • Scarcity of doctor due to untimely request some time creates unpleasant situation to maintain balance between customer relationship and quality delivers.
  • Compliance on other hand is a very critical phase which need close monitoring for patient record keeping, data security and integrity due to prevalence of money laundering and cash dealing.

High Demand:

Transition of season mostly brings demand of patent suddenly and peaked sometime, can be classified under following high mass medical care requirement as

o   Common and infectious diseases

o   Spread of  viral diseases

o   Unknown and critical diseases

o   Child diseases

o   Special care requirement diseases.

High demand directly impact services delivered such as

  • Scarcity and improper bed allocation
  • Shortage of medicines and medical equipment
  • Doctor's availability.
  • Patient Guest waiting room.
  • ICU, NICU availability for critical care
  • Billing and medical reimbursement.

Leadership Quality Usage:

  • To handle the above situation of crisis and high demand, I prefer to implement leadership quality of developing better channels of communication, deploying help, assistance in the majority of places to assist traffic and divide them as per seriousness and urgency.
  • Kiosk for disclosing medical facilities and making people understand hospital rules and medical care process.
  • Deploying separate medical reimbursement team to reduce traffic to account billing counter by promoting cashless facility availing.
  • Taking online backup for system security and securing data privacy and protection.
  • Record keeping and promoting e-governance to provide an instant report to management for decision making.
  • Communicating and interacting with management to meet expectations and change effect.
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