School syllabi and Web 2 technologies

Do your teachers know about programs such as Web 2.0 tools? Do they use them? How does it benefit or harm the learning process?

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Performance Assessment and Traffic Differentiation in Wireless Local Area Networks

Performance Assessment and Traffic Differentiation in Wireless Local Area Networks-Wireless local area networks (WLANs) are groups of wireless networking nodes within a particular region, such as an organization or building campus, th

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The Perception of Color

The white light is a small fraction of the vast electromagnetic spectrum of the solar radiation, the ultimate source of energy for life forms on the Earth. The energy being quantified is expressed by the equation

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Trend in retail Industry

Mobile browsing is soon becoming a retailing tool. Digitalised bills is a new trend. Customers are sceptical about the use of mobile buying but with time and with advent of technology they will give in to mobile buying.

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Energy, Science and Spirituality

According to the science, the energy is not created or destroyed it changes its form, in spirituality, it is said that the human energy gets converted into the form of love, hatred, anger and so on.

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The Importance of an Effective Mobile Business Website

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, people now virtually have the internet at their fingertips. They are able to access websites and online data on their phones. It makes it more important for businesses and companies to reach out to them.

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The Power of the Social Media Button

If you go through some websites, you will notice various colourful buttons on the sides or at the bottom of the page with social media site logos. These are called social media buttons.

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Nanotechnology and Applications of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is defined as branch of material science which deals with the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at atomic,molecular and macromolecular scale,where properties differ significantly from those at larger level.

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How to Create a Powerful Infographics When You Do Not Have a Designer

Infographics transform simple and monotonous information into something captivating and interactive. It engages people and makes learning fun and interesting. Even teachers and lecturers are now using infographics to reach out to their students.

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Testing e-Commerce Sites

The e-commerce websites are the future of the world, growing at the fast rate and also massively, it requires a lot of investment, thus it requires and extensive testing. Testing an ecommerce website is a necessary step for maintaining.

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Is Social Networking Good For Business

At the recent times people just not only use social media, they live in it. Anything can be sold to anybody by the use of the Social Media as a very powerful tool for marketing.

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What are Power Recliners and its Wide range

What are power recliners: Also known as lift chairs or lift chair recliners are a type of recliners which make a person switch from a sitting to a standing posture and vice- versa very conveniently.

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How To Compete In Social Networking Forest

In the present scenario, it is next to impossible to imagine a thing without internet. Whether it be our personal life, social life or professional life nothing has been untouched by the advent of the internet.

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Social Networking websites- Ethical Issues

Information technology has myriad of benefits on citizen’s life but it has brought some shortcomings with it as well. Privacy has become a huge concern on this great feat because of its all-pervasive nature among the lives of the people.

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The beginning of Accountable Care Organization-ACO

In 2011, the US Department of Health and Human Resources has proposed the guidelines for Accountable Care Organization (ACO) under the Medicare shared saving Program. The Patient Protection and Affordable Act

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Challenges that handheld devices-smartphones provide for computer forensics

Discuss challenges that handheld devices/smartphones provide for computer forensics.

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Weigh in on the debate between GSM and CDMA

GSM and CDMA are shorthand for "Global System for Mobile" and "Code Division Multiple Access" respectively. GSM has more than 450 million subscribers, which covers more than 80% of the market share globally

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How a botnet can be created and its use for used for a DDoS attack

Describe how a botnet can be created and how it can be used for a DDoS attack.

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Packet switching employs statistical multiplexing

Why is it said that packet switching employs statistical multiplexing? Contrast statistical multiplexing with the multiplexing that takes place in TDM?

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Implications of compressed files on Forensics

In General terms, Data compression means reducing the size of a file using specialized tools and techniques. Data compression can be done on virtually any file. The file could be a program, video, audio, images, documents and so on.

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