The Top Six Ways to Facilitate Your Dissertation Writing Process

The Top 6 Ways to Facilitate Your Dissertation Writing Process 

Challenging for Students

Dissertation writing requires an in-depth research and study of the subject matter or topic. Students need to polish their writing skills up to par with academic writing and give quality work. They often have to communicate with their mentor and lecturers and get into the flow. Students find this gruelling. They don't have the skills and are still in the learning process. Moreover, they find dissertation and assignments unfair because they are not able to give their best. Students feel that there should be other ways to assess them. But then it all comes down to assignments and dissertation. Some students agree with the fact that dissertation is a major component of academics. It requires them to think critically and justify the arguments. Some agree that eventually, they find it fun. Those who say this are all A-students. Their statement doesn't go down well with the others. Students argue that they are skilled and talented differently. Some are good in academics while some are good at sports. And some make good social workers and volunteers. It highlights what students are interested and passionate about. Colleges and universities give them the chance to do whatever they like. Moreover, the institutions make it sound nice and fun in their prospectus, but the reality is something else. It all comes down to academics!

Many students think that four years of college is a long time. In fact, it's the opposite. The four years flies away like the wind. In the final year, students and lecturers have to race against time to get the necessary assignments, syllabus and dissertation done. They wonder why dissertations are so important. According to, it increases the chances of employment. Most companies and corporations take an interest in students' research projects. Moreover, if students want to go for further studies say for example PhD the University panel want to know about their academic background. Plus, seeing the research projects, students have high chances of getting into renowned institutes.

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Ways to Simply Dissertation Writing Process

Dissertation writing is indeed a complicated task but not impossible. says that it can be accomplished with proper planning, research and writing skills. The Dissertation also requires comprehensive research. The trick is to support the studies and investigations with proper citations and referencing. If the data or report is not cited than students can be penalised for plagiarism, so, it's best to stay on the safe side. Highlighted here are top six ways to facilitate the writing process:

1.    Plan - brainstorming is okay, but students need to map it out into a plan.It is easy as they can use illustrations, diagrams or simple points to get things started. Then students can follow the plan. They should be mindful that sometimes midway into the project, the plan is bound to change as there may be more ideas or points.

2.    Suitable Topic - students should choose a topic which they are comfortable with. They can consult their mentors and lecturers to steer them in the right direction. It has been observed that sometimes students change the topic midway. It leads to problems as they have to modify the dissertation statement and do new research. And this goes beyond the deadline.

3.    Research - according to students should use their college or university library for research. There, they can go through hundreds of books. The Internet is not a reliable source because the data keeps changing and no one knows about the authenticity of the author.

4.    Stay in Touch - students should communicate with their mentor or lecturer about the process of their dissertation writing. This way the students will get to know whether they are on the right track. They should also clarify their doubts about methodology or literature of review.

5.    Discuss - says that discussions are a good way of letting the ideas and thoughts flow. It gives a positive feeling and students can add more points to their work.

6.    Deadline - if students think that they will not be able to meet the deadline, it's important for them to inform their mentor and lecturer. They can ask for more time.

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