Spatial Narrative Essay

Our world has a variety of cultures embedded in it. It is very unique to see that all the human forms have the same physical features but they still differ from each other. The main difference that comes between the people is because of the culture. We have formed a like community which have similar interest, religion and other aspects that help us connecting with one another. We even have different cultures because of the difference that we have in geography. Like the people living closer to the equator would have a rather different culture than the people living far from the equator. This is just one way of bringing it across. However with the difference in culture we also have diverse thought procedures, behaviour and religions. In this paper we will concentrate on different aspects keeping American culture in mind.


I remember my experience of an American family and would like to talk about it in detail. The American families use a different way of greeting people. Whenever they have people over there house then they greets them with a smile and they shake hands with each other. If the guest is a family member then the families meet in a rather informal manner as they give a peck on the check. This shows their love and affection towards their guest. It might not fit in the culture of other countries where they may follow different ways of greeting people but when it comes to American families then a special greeting is always welcome. The American families are overall very formal people and they do not invite each and every person at home. It has to be a very special list of people who are made welcome in the homes. The people who have casual or professional relations in American families are usually not invited over for casual get together. In other words if we go deeper in the American culture we will realise that how it is rooted to the people with their heart. They hold no boundaries when it comes to showering their affection on their loved ones. The feeling of togetherness that I have felt with the American people is very rare to experience in another culture.

After the greeting the American families get more involved in treating their guest with drinks and starters rather than just sitting and chitchatting. The meals are often pre cooked and are prepared and the guest is given a choice of the drinks that they would prefer. Even the custom of taking off the coast of the guest is seen in the American families. The guest is welcomed in the most respectable manner and is even treated in the same manner. I have felt the experience with my own eyes and the warmth that is showered on the guest is incredible.


The American families are like friends to each other rather than parents and kids. They share a very mature relation with each other and help and support each other in the hour of need. I feel that the families know the true meaning of family as they are seen in close contact at all times and they discuss all their daily doings with each other. Though there are times when the family members are not able to get along with each other but then you can feel that in the air. They are not manipulative in nature and do not put on a gesture which makes the world feel that all is absolutely fine with them.

The other thing about the American families is that the children are given their due space in their growing years. I have noticed that the kids are told about the god and bad but they are not over talked about it. The children take most of their decisions themselves and do not like the interference of their family members. The trust that can be seen between the families is to be mentioned. The other cultures must learn from them and must adopt these values in their lifestyle as well. The families trust their children and respect their decision. Each and every thing is talked about and nothing is hidden in the family. The pros and cons are also discussed and there is nothing as right or wrong whereas the family thinks about the situation and then comes to a conclusion.


Dependence is a topic that is contradictory. I believe that when a family is made then dependency is always seen but when an American family is being discussed then the people are dependent on each other but in a manner that it does not become a hindrance to others. In other words, the families which have house wife's do not have a system that she will just stay at home but moreover she will be responsible for the kids, shopping, driving them around, paying the bills etc. They are equally helpful in the house like the members. The dependency is emotional like the families can be dependent on each other for their emotional needs but they know where to draw the line and you will never see over dependency in an American family.

The American people are practical and emotional at the same time but again they know where they have to show which part of their emotion and they never express more than what they have to do. It is a pleasure to learn from them and it is an aspect that each and every person must adopt to keep their balance well maintained in the society. Even the American kids are well taught the ways to be self dependent and they learn how they can just take care of their needs and not burden others with it.

Self dependency is an art and must be followed by all households which ever culture they belong to as it helps in giving them the uniqueness of life and the feel of independence and the authority of taking decisions. It is a way through which a person takes wrong decisions and then learns to take the responsibility of the same and thus it is very likely that he might never repeat the same in the future.


In the end we can say that the American families and their culture are way much advanced than many countries but they are also grounded to their roots. They have adopted modernisation by opening their thoughts and they have been able to be respectful towards each other in the moments when they are required to do so. My learning by understanding the American families has been vast and I wish to be able to imbibe the same thoughts in my own life. The way that they teach their kids the art of being self dependant must also be followed by people of other culture as it will help them make theory children also self dependent than dependent on them. The way the American families treat their guest should also be learned as they know how to draw a line between the guest and the family member. Without crossing many lines they are able to establish better relations. The openness that they share among each other is also commendable as they are able to bring out the real family problems and share the solutions with each other. Overall we can say that learning is a part of each culture and every time we come across something that we like we must not hesitate in adopting it.

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