Sociologists use two levels of analysis

Sociologists use two levels of analysis.

a)  Macro-Level: This level looks at the large scale social processes like social stability and change in the society. This level observes the large scale patterns and trends in the society.

b) Micro-Level: This level looks at small scale interactions between individuals such as normal conversations and group dynamics. They will not consider the larger forces that influence the behavior of the individuals. The micro level accompanies the three theoretical perspectives which are as follows.

a) Symbolic Interactionism: It focuses on the use of symbols and face to face interactions to represent the details of everyday life

b) Functionalism: It focuses on the relationship between the parts of the society and how various aspects of the society are adaptive and functional. That means all the occurrences in the society are dependent on each other and do not function in isolation.

c) Conflict Theory: This theory focuses on the competition for scarce resources and how the rich and elite class can dominate the poor and weak. 



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