If you have a job why do you need to use Linkedin

If you have a job, why do you need to use Linkedin? 

In today's world of multi-connectivity, it is important to select the right tool for the right purpose meeting the objectives of the task. It is extremely important to have a wide network in the social media which is essential for survival in today's cut throat competition. Linkedin is a highly powerful social networking tool which helps you effectively to connect to professionals of varied areas of work, at the same time it is a useful tool for job seekers as well as job recruiters. Even if you already have a job, it is advisable to be always connected to Linkedin.

Following are the major reasons why you need to use Linkedin even if you already have a job:-

  • It is advisable to have a strong network on Linkedin so that it can be used later when required. In today's world, where so many professional uncertainties are there, one should not be complacent in the comfort zone one is in i.e in the existing job, but be constantly on the lookout for a job change. In case any untoward eventuality happens and one loses his/her job for whatsoever reasons, one can bank upon their large Linkedin network for getting a suitable job change
  • Once you are on Linkedin, opportunities automatically come your way be from your contacts or the recruitment firms which are doing hiring. In fact, some of the contacts or recruitment firms are constantly on the lookout for passive candidates and you never know when a job opportunity clicks in your favor
  • Linkedin helps you enhance your exposure to new ideas and discussions with various interactive groups. You get an opportunity to comment and discuss on Linkedin which definitely helps in opening new doors in your career path.
  • It is important to always keep your resume up to date which is sadly missing in most of the professionals, who get complacent in their existing jobs and tend to neglect their resume. Resume is the most important and only tool wherein Recruiters get familiarized with the skill sets and competencies of the candidates. Keeping your Linkedin profile up to date is much easier as the professionals are constantly updating their Linkedin profile which is a plus point in getting a job change
  • One more advantage of being on Linkedin is that you are constantly getting news updates in the various industrial sectors. News regarding companies being awarded new projects, update on the company's performance and updates on mergers/acquisitions are being constantly floating on Linkedin which keeps the candidates in touch with the recent developments
  • It is a fact that people are no more getting jobs by old conventional means. Linkedin helps you get a job through references or known contacts or your are being referred to by your family or friends which also helps the recruiter build trust and faith in your competencies and abilities. Your chances of getting a job through traditional means are now very less so it is advisable to use alternate methods.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers are using Linkedin to discover talent matching their requirements. An updated Linkedin profile helps in catching the attention of the recruiters. Linkedin's Recruiter Service is also available where jobs are being posted daily which facilitates the candidates to look for a suitable job change. The catch is...design your Linkedin profile like an ace player and your are guaranteed to catch attention
  • In almost all the cases, when your resume reaches a Recruiter, they are likely to Google your name. On doing that, the first thing that most probably appears is your Linkedin profile. Hence it is absolutely essential to keep a good Linkedin Profile in order to attract the Recruiters in order to produce positive results
  • An important feature of Linkedin is to collect endorsements and recommendations. Even if one is not looking for a job change, it is advisable to collect as many praises, recommendations and endorsements which will definitely come handy during rainy days.
  • Linkedin is the ultimate branding tool to sell yourself and your work. For start-ups, entrepreneurs and self-employed professional, Linkedin is a highly useful platform to highlight your personal brand or your attributes to get more work and assignments
  • Even if one is happy and contended in their existing jobs, it is always better to tap a good Linkedin profile which one can utilize later. Although this point has come earlier, it is being re-emphasized here because constantly updating your Linkedin profile and keeping it attractive never goes waste and helps in the long run.
  • Linkedin helps you in building stronger relationships with your peers and competitors. It is always desirable to keep a tab on the companies where you are longing to work in order to be aware of their strengths, core areas of work and competition in the market
  • There is also an option to make yourself an expert on Linkedin Pulse. One can publish oneself on Pulse but even better position oneself in the Featured category. There are many cases wherein people have published on Pulse and have got a remarkable increase in the visits on their websites which is always beneficial.
  • Linkedin is the most effective social media tool for individuals or companies to increase their website traffic and get in touch with host of professionals on their network

To summarize the above, Linkedin is the most effective lead generation tool for all categories of people whether getting learning about the industry, selling their brand or getting jobs. It is important to have lot of appropriate connections on Linkedin to enhance your professional image. The more connections you have, the more your profile is being highlighted which always is a bonus for getting jobs or maintain links with key personnel in the industry. Being active on Linkedin is always a plus point because this is one platform where you can share your views, share your resume, interact with intellectuals and top shots of various companies and be professionally active. Hence, job or no job, be there on Linkedin.

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