Challenges that you faced in your academic progress

"Challenges that you faced in your academic progress and how you overcame them in school/college"

 Everyone has to face some sort of challenges in his/her life. I also faced many challenges during my school time as well as during my college time but fortunately or unfortunately I overcame all of them. Many of the challenges were related to academics only, because its obvious a student has most of the problems related to his studies. The same is the case with me , I also suffered from many ups and downs during my student life in school as well as in college.

My academic career began in BRCM public school. I was admitted to school when I was only 4 years old. The struggle for my academics started from 10th standard when for the first time I had to face the board examination. I was suffering from the jaundice when the board exams were just to happen. I somehow wanted to score at least 85% despite of my sufferings. Luckily, I managed to score 86% in that board exams but the whole journey during my board exams was like a painful play. After standard 1oth once again I faced the board exams in standard 12th but this time I took the board exams as a challenge and targeted to score atleast in eighties. I started working hard for that and I did it.

But after standard 12th the biggest challenge which I'll never forget in life was AIEEE examination which is the gateway to most of the leading engineering colleges of india. I remembers my that old days during which I used to prepare for this examination. The competition was really tough at that time. Altogether 10lakhs students had given that exams and competiting against 10lakh is not a small task. It was a big deal for me and moreover my whole career was dependent on that single paper of 3 hours. I prepared continuously for 8 months studying hard day and night and at last succeeded in obtaining good rank. I was very happy because I was going to get admission in a good college.

Then started  my college life which I used to think that college life will be full of enjoyment. However, its true but there are also some challenges too. So the same case with me. I enjoyed a lot in college and also faced many challenges in college also mainly because of assignments and too many examinations. But the statement "one night fight" which I used to listen from our seniors when I was in first year was like a boon for me. I passed many exams studying only last night before the examination and that even with good marks.

So, in this way I tackled with the challenges of my life during my school and college days. So these were the hard days of my academic life during school and college and fortunately I somehow managed to handle most of the challenges with great success.

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