Bullying and vandalism-two eternal banes of every school.

Bullying and vandalism: two eternal banes of every school

In recent times a new problem seen in school is "Bullying and Vandalism". These two problems have reached till that height from where it now have to be removed from its root, which is somehow increasing day by day. Bullying can be defined as a psychological or verbal attacks towards someone who could not defend itself in front of others. Bullying can be because of different reasons i.e. sometimes they can include sexual orientation, gender, social class and many more reasons. On other word vandalism can be defined as property crime i.e.Making graffiti on walls and other things. Bullying and vandalism is also done to increase their social status among the peers.Sometimes a kid or a person gets into bullying when there is lack of attention from friends, parents and teachers. They are actually frustrated when they do not get attention and try to seek attention of other people by showing aggression to other people and there arises vandalism in which they start destroying the property of others as in school or somewhere out in the locality. Or sometimes a kid or person gets into bullying others because they don't like them or finds bullying fun or a way to show that they are strong. Another reason of bullying can be misunderstanding, lack of knowledge and fear.

In case of bullying and vandalism the person doing it is also a victim and the person with whom t is happening is also a victim. Wherein there can be many reasons for vandalism, the reason can be to low down there anger, the reason can be revenge or it can be when someone has dared them to do so. Vandalism if attempted together can be harmful for that period of time and the people at present.The victims of bullying can be found in the same class as its starts from the same age of people then it goes to elders like teachers and senior citizens. Some victims can be differentiated on the basis of how they appear or showing over insecurity than other peers. The children who are victims lack in their studies as they cannot focus on their studies and start avoiding their schools. They feel low which decreases their self-esteem and which leads to depression. Vandalism can take place due to many reasons it can be due to boredom, it can be due to some emotional reasons. People do vandalism when they are frustrated.The combination of alcohol with frustration leads to lots of vandalism. People try to do vandalism when they see something is already damaged they try to damage it more because they find it fun. The vandalism due to emotional reasons can be prevented only when the vandal can be taken to the doctor for proper treatment. The vandalism due to damage can be prevented, however its can expensive way to that but can be prevent if the damaged item would be repaired before the victim come in contact with it. The best and the simplest way but yet the expensive one to prevent the reason of vandalism. The way to prevent vandalism through boredom is to keep the victim engaged in some other work so that he/she doesn't feels bore and doesn't think of doing vandalism. The can be given attractive and somehow educational options to spend their free time. The children can be indulged in extracurricular like dance, sports, mowing lawns, walking dogs etc. etc. However, in schools the children should be aware about the punishment that can be given to them if they will indulgethemselves in such means.

The prevention of bullying and vandalism starts by understanding that when and where it can take place. The Bullying and Vandalism can be reduced by telling them about the exact and accurate meaning of Bullying and Vandalism. Posting the signs indicating prohibition for bullying and vandalism would remind them about the risk they are taking. Guards or cops should be always there to keep a check at the places where vandalism and bullying are expected to be done or happen. If they are increasing in school then the children must be informed that they have to disclose what so ever happened with them instead of hiding it as they must be taught about the intolerance of these crimes, as some children feels ashamed as they would not being able to stand up for themselves and some think that people would not believe them that what has happened with them.Time to time workshops to be given to all the children regarding bullying and vandalism. All the places should be used equally to prevent them. Though it is somehow tough to prevent Vandalism but some mutual steps can be taken by the schools, the society and the community.

To avoid bullying and vandalism in school many measures can be taken by the school authorities as the bullying and vandalism starts from there. The students can be taught about caring the other's property. If they in case damage others property they should compensate on behalf or replace it. Try to understand why the student practicing vandalism or bullying or the reason behind it. They should not accuse the victim until unless you have the convincing evidence. The children who take care of the belongings and the property should be praised which shows that they are doing a good job  and are getting more attention from others as comparing to the victims of bullying and vandalism. To stop bullying the basic measure can be taken is to stop giving majority or importance to it. As to gain the social image among the peers. It destroys one's image. The students indulged in bullying should be deal individually. They should be first listened that why it happened only than any decision can be taken. Sudden action should be taken on bullying as it can lead to many other problems.

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