Extreme Programming (XP) - Paper

For any of the Software Development, the end goal would be the quality which can be executed and maintained in a proper way. Extreme Programming is one such methodology of software development which is based on the values of simplicity, communication

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Security Issues in Emerging High Speed Networks

The world is becoming more interconnected with rapid growth of the Internet and new networking technology. All over the world there is a large amount of information stored on the internet which belongs to military, hospitals, educational institutions

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Data Quality Issues in Big Data and Importance of Big Data-Paper

Large volume of both structured and unstructured data that inundates a business on a day to day life. Big data can be examined for visions that lead to better conclusions and tactical business changes.

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Agile Technology - Paper

The Agile Technology started as an alternative to the existing models in the market to meet the changing requirements from time to time and the unpredictable market. The Agile Technology has four basic philosophies.

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The Google File System - Logic

The word file system is also referred as a partition or disk which is used to store the files.A partition or disk can be used as a particular file system based on the requirement. Before doing so, it needs to be initialized and the data structures

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Capturing and use of carbon dioxide?

With the increase in the world population and increase in the industrialization the demand for energy is increasing rapidly. Presently over 85% of the world energy needs are coped-up by using fossil fuels.

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Application of Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Data warehouse also provides Online Analytical Processing tools (OLAP),thus helping in effective analysis of data in multi-dimensional space.

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IP Telephony- Paper

Internet Protocol Telephony (IP Telephony) is a technology that uses internet protocol's packet switched connections to exchange voice, fax and other forms of information.

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Discuss whether college athletes should be paid or not

Paper Topic- Discuss whether college athletes should be paid or not. Make sure to mention specific advantages or drawbacks.

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Different children with different needs-can a common strategy be created

Different children with different needs: can a common strategy be created? Every educational facility has its fast learners and kids with special needs. What can be done to a curriculum to make the process easier and more effective for every

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Being late to class - reasons and ways to avoid this

Being late to class: reasons and ways to avoid this. Why are some students never on time? Is there anything that society or school can do to fix that?

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My favorite subject Mathematics

From absolute starting point of my school day to the extent I recollect that, I have a fascination for Mathematics. Science dependably gives me additional vitality and fulfillment in my study. I never feel anything exhausting about this Subject.

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Role of Wikipedia in modern life as the title says that it is playing master role in knowledge development Wikipedia Roll in day to day.

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Analysis of power of a positive woman by Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is motivated by what she terms as a noisy movement agitating for women's rights. Aggressive women have flocked television talk shows barking about how ill-treated American women are.

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Effects of color on consumers - Paper

A color is a powerful tool in attracting consumers to a product; it accounts for 85% of why one decides to buy a product. (Hemphill 275).

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Middle East Environmental History

Environmental history contributions to the environmental issues are diverse and consist of different dimensions in the global world. Historians have taken off the research on the history to establish the influences of the cultural diversities.

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Is homosexuality genetic?

Is homosexuality genetic? Yes, this is a controversial topic which makes exploring it all the more interesting.

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Contrast and compare the nine month gestation period within humans

Gestation period. Contrast and compare the nine month gestation period within humans, against other mammals. Why is there a difference in time-period?

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Cell–The Basic Unit of Life

A cell is considered to be the structural and functional unit of all organisms. Tiny organisms like bacteria, fungi, higher plants and animals including the most evolved types are basically made up of independent units called 'cells'.

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The Web Semantics Technology

Today, the data we get from the web is in the form of web pages ie.,HTML documents that are associated with one another through the use of hyperlinks. Users and computers can read such documents, but extracting the meaning from them is not possible.

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What makes inorganic chemistry inevitable?

Inorganic chemistry is the chemistry of all elements except carbon [1] Inorganic chemistry is the study of the formation, properties and synthesis of all compounds that are not carbon hydrogen bonded.

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Formation of protein fibrils

Formation of protein fibrils followed by deposition of inorganic material onto the fibril surface, The most abundant protein in animal tissue is collagen which forms the major scaffold of most tissues.

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Choosing organic food over foods treated with pesticides

What is the chemical difference to our bodies in choosing organic food over foods treated with pesticides?

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Optimal routeing in the Internet-Paper

Computer networking is the most happening area in the so-called digital era that we are living. Devices and drivers are becoming obsolete in the wink of an eye, and there is everlasting thirst for evolution and keep ourselves updated.

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Privacy and Databases

The Internet provides a wealth of information and services. Many activities in our daily lives now rely on the Internet, including various forms of communication, shopping, financial services, entertainment and many others.

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