Learning disabilities in Hidden Stream Elementary School

The case study looks at students with learning disabilities in Hidden Stream Elementary School. In Hidden Stream Elementary school, we look at six physically challenged children learning under two experienced teachers, Rachel Moore and Leanne Reynolds who share 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade classes. These classes are made up of at least 28 children with both general and exceptional education. Out of the 28 children, there are special students with learning disabilities. Learning disabilities can be described as a condition that makes it hard for a person to acquire knowledge and skills at the level of individuals at the same age. Four out of the six children are emotionally physically challenged while the rest have language disabilities.

            The two teachers need to collaborate to ensure the students identify difficulties in class and address them effectively. They also had to come up with a class behavior plan that would meet the needs of each student as per their ability. The course is carried out during the school days what might interfere with the rest of the class activities. As a result of this, the student will have a part day schedule. It will also help him attend other classes. The teachers, however, ought to ensure this move doesn't inter fear with the rest of the class.

            In as much as the student had a disability that was likely to make him feel different from the rest. There was a need to educate the rest on how to deal with such students; the student had to be co-taught in some disciplines during such sessions. It would also make it easy for the rest of the students to understand how to relate with the physically challenged. The instructors needed to draw a plan for such like cases. His particular case should not be a reason for excluding him from the rest of the students. The courses ought to be orderly carried out during the school days so as not to interfere with the studies of other students. While trying to help this student, they should consider other students who need to continue their education as usual.

            In conclusion, most students with this kind of problem usually become uncontrollable and therefore needs special attention. They should ensure that the school bus picks and drops him at home and ensure he is in good hands. On the contrary, such efforts are unlikely to be realized without a coordinated effort from all. For the student to feel more comfortable, he needs equal treatment too. Any special treatment will make him feel different, and that may intensify his trauma.

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