Summaries of Best Motivational Novels That Inspire


2341_getty-medium-getty-3218-108523557-jpg.jpgNovels are known as one of best tools for training and upbringing of individuals. They  always has a significant effect on the mind of a reader. It stimulate spirit and thoughts. This bring  up knowledge of reader. Novels make sure correction of  moral ineptitude. These days of mechanical era,when people don’t have time to attend their meetings and symposia, then  best source to gain religious and motivational build is  books that can reach a person finds whenever he find time to spare. This  is promising that the reading of novels may  have a profounder impact on the mindsthen any other source .Often , reading turns revolutionary change in the viewpoint of a person. This  habit of reading is the also best pastime. It makes person busy when hedont have anything else to do. This habit is not only  best use of  spare time but also keeping  minds away from the fears that might chase us while doing nothing. A great novel , for a reader, is better than visiting the best of gardens or scenic places.Here is the summary of few best novels that one must read in their life:-



HABIT 1: BE PROACTIVE Life just not “happens". Though we know or not, but our choices define it. We are the one who choose happiness and sadness, Every time we have to make choice between various situation arising and giving positive outcome from each step.You have to be Proactive in taking responsibility of life. Proactive people know that well they are "response-able" for all they do. They don't believe in blame genetics, circumstances, conditions they face. Unknowingly all external forces act as stimuli that we react to. But between the stimulus and the response is greatest power laying –We have freedom to choose our response. The most important things we ought to choose is what you say. Our language shows how we see ourselves.  A proactive person always prefer proactive language for example I can, I will, I prefer, etc. A reactive person choose a reactive language--I can't, I have to, if only. Reactive people assume that they are not responsible for what they say and do actually they have no choice. While Proactive people use their time and energy on things they think they can control..

Proactive people render their efforts their Circle of Influence. They like to work on things they want do something about: health, children, and problems at work. Reactive people on other hand  focus their efforts in the Circle of Concern--things over which they actually don’t have  control: the national debt, terrorism, the weather.


What we want after growing up? Are you the one whom you want to be since childhood? Be honest with yourself. Many times people find themselves achieving victories that are useless. Every step I wrong when your ladder is not at right wall.The ability to imagination helps us to see our present from eyes. The principle behind that is everything’s are created twice. First there is mental (first) creation, and second one a physical creation. The physical creation is blueprint of mental creation. Until we don't make any conscious effort to imagine who we are right now and even what we want in our life, then give empowerment other people and situations to shape life by default. It is all about personal, moral, and ethical guidelines of your life.

To achieve goals in your life make a Personal Mission Statement. It should emphases only on what we want to be and do exactly. It is will be plan for success. It will reaffirms who we are actually, use this idea for real world. This mission statement will turn you the leader of our own life.  

HABIT 3: PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST For a balance existence, first recognize that you don’t do everything that comes in a way. There will be no Exit. Make sure you focus only on highest priorities. Habit 1 states, "You're in charge. You're the creator." Being a proactive person is choice. Habit 2 is the first, have or mental, creation. Habit 3 is the second creation, the physical creation. When Habits 1 and 2 come together miracles happens. Habit 3 talks about life management states our purpose, values, roles, and priorities.

HABIT 4: THINK WIN-WIN2428_win.jpg

Always Think Win-Win will not be nice, nor consider as quick-fix technique. We believe in comparisons and competition and think that someone else failing is our success- or can say I win, you lose; or if you win, I lose. Life is mean to be zero-sum game when we follow this approach. We all play the game, but there is no gain in this way. 

Win-win refers as cooperative arena, but not a competitive one. Win-win is a set of mind and heart that constantly pursues mutual benefit in human interactions. A person who has WIN WIN attitude have these three quality:

• Integrity: sticking with your true feelings, values, and commitments
• Maturity: expressing your ideas and feelings with courage and consideration for the ideas and feelings of others
• Abundance Mentality: believing there is plenty for everyone


Communication is referred as the most significant skill in our life. We spend years just learning how to read and write, and years learning how to speak. But we skip listening skills. Most people listen to determine the reply, not to understand. We have to listen first then decide what should be reply . But unknowingly we filter everything you hear through your life experiences, your frame of reference. We tend to respond in these four ways:

• Evaluating: We agree or disagree.
• Probing: ask questions 
• Advising: Give advice/solutions
• Interpreting: comparing with on motive and experience


Remember "two heads are better than one." Synergize leads to creative cooperation. When other people bring all their personal experience and expertise to us altogether, they leads to better results. When people intermingle genuinely, and they share influence, and also gain new insight. They add zest to our life.


Sharpen the Saw means enhancing the greatest skills you have—build a balance program in life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. Few examples of such activities are:



We reintroduce these four areas, we can grow and change in life.  We must sharpen the Saw that keeps us fresh. This will increase capacity to crop challenges around us. Deprived of these renewal, our body may become weak, the mind turns  mechanical, the emotions get raw, the spirit will be insensitive, and ultimately  we become  selfish. 


We live in a challenging world, being extremely effective is the price to get into the playing field. There are people who are neither fulfilled nor excited. We need to get a new mind-set, build  new skill-set --a new habit.


Good to Great

This book is based on study of Good companies how did they become great company and how do it they do so. 


The Novel looks at companies from 1965 to 1995, for 15 years, and trace the stock market,It vitness the transmission  of  3 times the stock market in 15 years. In this Eleven companies were studied in depth and were compared to competitors in their fields.


• Abbot Laboratories
• Circuit City
• Fannie Mae
• Gillette
• Kimberly-Clark
• Kroger
• Nucor
• Philip Morris
• Pitney Bowes
• Walgreens
• Wells Fargo

Level 5 Leaders  This terms refers to is an individual who is very kind  at  personal level, but who owns a great wish to succeed, where “success” is not his  personal asset , but create somewhat great that stay  time at the helm. All those people who are committed to do whatever is essential to bring their organization to the top. Level 5 leaders, mention, kind of people who do not point to themselves for organization’s success. Leaders can be born, or made, with the conclusion that the person should have abilities and attitude necessary to get  that status.

First Who … Then What

While transformation from good to great once should be clear with “what” - products, direction, strategy they should choose  and they have right people in companies to get that. For a strong team  companies should avoid assumption of “lone genius” CEO. For example, Apple’s share price may fall because death of to Steve Jobs. “Great” companies depends on solid foundation but not  wisdom of any one person.

Compensation is not related  to “good to great” process as there is  No specific compensation scheme sounds beneficial. Some practical tips for how to be rigorous.Make sure that you Don’t hire someone until you’re %100 sure that he is  the right person. We should wait and get someone who is good fit.Once you realize you need to fire someone, don’t stretch it offf.Good to Great team had a deep commitment for their companies.


Confront the Brutal Facts

 For success of the great companies follows series of good decisions. Decision must be a consistent and confront reality they face, facts related to their market. Goals can be good, but should not avoid the reality ground. It is good to ask queries rather than bestow “answers”.Inspire healthy debate. There should be real debate, so that people feel included. It should not be just argument - reach a definite conclusion.When everything’s go wrong, try to find the mistake, in place of assigning blame to others. When people are too anxious in protecting themselves, it becomes tough to fairly analyse and learn from their failures.There must be faith in final goal. Right people, gets motivated for work by their own accord.

The Hedgehog Concept2489_hedg.jpg

This “hedgehog concept” refers to story in which the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. The good to great companies are “hedgehogs” – it is not stupid - it means that it is big important thing that made their companies great. The “three circles” talks about “hedgehog concept”: It has three interlocking circles, representing First, things you are passionate about, second you can make money at and third things you be the best at. The intersection of three circles lies the winning target. In the  economics of industries, the good great companies were always follow the  rule of thumb is to recognise a ratio.Passion sessions with employees cannot  make people passionate until they don’t have it  on their own. It cannot forced on people, it belongs to a mission and is worth than a  pay check.

Culture of Discipline

We should know that Great companies contains both an entrepreneurial spirit as well as sense of discipline. They both play necessary role -as if there is no drive to attempt new things, with independence, a company can turn rigid. Some sense of discipline is required, best companies focus on latitude for individual action. We can evaluate It’s useless to create rules for wrong people to behave correctly – Better being work with Right people. Its great difference between having a “tyrant” who enforces a culture of discipline by creating fear, and finding people who naturally have disciplined approach. 


“Great companies believe in adapt and endure” - technology. It is used to increase their leverage, and enhancing rushing for sake of  newness. We can say that Technology is an enabler of change, but not a cause of it. It can be consider as a reaction for latest fashion, against the .The companies possess a determination that  that pushes to chosen field, the right technology as a part of it.

The “Flywheel” and “Doom Loop”

It has two concepts represent positive and negative momentum. A flywheel  is  referred as a heavy wheel who energy to set a motion – which should be constant, Great companies  need to be transform  like this . It has no magic recipe, but  lots of hard work which slowly and  steadily turns the great companies change  faster and faster, has  lot of momentum. It’s in motion makes it move  in the right direction.

While  in the  “doom loop” is refer to  the vicious circle in which unsuccessful companies fall into, that runs one direction, and they except creating a unexpected change, sharp break but success is away from them. Some attempt to switch for acquisitions, others decides to get new leader to change direction of company. These results never prove good. 

Built to Last

Results of this book is from Collins’ earlier work. Companies which are working for have simply making money - they should opt for unique characteristics, definite goals and operate beyond a simple desire to make money. The core values should be  preserved, and change continuously to deal with an fidgety.

Think and Grow Rich 

Think and Grow Rich, is one of the respected and prised novel in the field of motivational literature. With the help of this book can bring highest potential and promotes great personal happiness. This book will give you a blue print of self-mastery helps in achieving goal of life.Every page of the book comprises a magical secret which need to be unlock wealth beyond wildest dreams. 

Fllowing are its best part:-

 Desire- The starting point of all Achievement354_edson.jpg

The desire enables to achieve something in life defeating any obstacles big or small . It cannot can stop us from attainment that has been set up. The burning desire can be an obsession with success. Failure do not concern him he consider it has stepping-stone for desire for achievement. Napoleon Hill remarks a couple of stories of everyday common people

Story Ist: Mr.Edwin C. Barnes had one overwhelming fascination of his life. He want to become a business partner with a great inventor, Mr.Edison. So extraordinary was his desire to become the business associate of Thomas A. He arrived to the straight way to Edison office and asked Mr.Edison for chance to become his business partner.Therefore, Mr.Edison got very impressed with Barnes grit that he him for nominal wages .H There he worked with great zeal but hept desire to become business partner. He expressed his willingness on launch of new invention Edison Dictating Machine. Salesmen consider that the machine had no scope and would be difficult to sell.

Barnes was very much sure that he will be product. He prove that Barnes that by selling machine and soon become Edison’s partner. He avail contract with Edison to distribute and product around the nation. He had strong desire then he was able to achieved .This is the Barnes Story of success!

We cannot avail riches until we work hard for it, never forget that that, shall you reap. Intense dreams are spiritual form and can be transmitted into physical form. Get riches in imagination so that see them in your bank balance.Thomas Edison wants a lamp that could be works through by electricity, he engaged dreams into action in spite of thousand failures.Lincoln wants to freedom for the black slaves, and united North and South.Even Wright brothers dreamed of a machine that fly’s in air that proves to be successful their dreams were. 


 Faith : Visualization of, and Belief in Attainment of Desire

The Second step towards Riches

Faith is also referred as "Absolute Confidence". When faith is mixed with the vibration of subconscious mind picks up the vibration and turn into spiritual.

How to develop Faith

When faith when does not already exist is very difficult to impossible to achieve anything. Faith is considered as state of mind, that need to be developed with the thirteen principles, which are mentioned in this book.When feeling and faith are mixed with faith, to translate themselves into their physical counterpart. These emotions give thoughts vitality, life and action to once senses. Most of people who don’t faith in them; they think of doomed with poverty and failure due to some strange force that have no control. They consider themselves as prey of bad luck this negative belief, in their subconscious mind, can turn into its physical equivalent. Any order given to subconscious mind with faith can give you success. We should practice subconscious mind to have faith.

Perfection will accomplish with practice. It cannot be achieve by simply reading instructions the faith is endless emotion; faith is the medicine, which gives life, up bring thoughts.Faith don’t have limitations!

Auto Suggestion:The medium for influencing the subconscious mind2034_mind.jpg

Auto-suggestion which carries all suggestions, and all self-administered motivation, which operates through five senses. Auto-suggestion is giving suggestion to yourself so that it controls your subconscious mind. Thought, negative or positive, can enter the subconscious mind without the help of auto- suggestion. Subconscious mind is just like a fertile garden spot on which desirable crops can be sown to avoid weeds. Auto-suggestion is consider as the action of control by which an individual may transform creative nature, the subconscious mind gets what we desires. The most important fact- the subconscious mind gives order to spirit with faith, these orders have to be given again and again, through repetition, before they are interpreted by the subconscious mind



Life is best utilized when we search knowledge and power behind in our mind As it is rightly said “Obtaining fresh knowledge remove the tiredness and cloudiness of your hearts; because the hearts, like the bodies, too experience exhaustion’’ “If we spent a day without adding knowledge, I will  reflect as a  unlucky day for us.





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