Great Scientists God praises to the World of Science


A scientist does not make the world they learn about it and attempt to imitate it. The scientist's experience as a human being is therefore that of perceiving a constant that he has not created. Scientists have vast involvement in the advancement of human civilization.

"Great Scientists God praises to the World of Science"

Sir Isaac Newton:

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Newton was also a man of versatile excellence. He was mathematician, physicist, astronomer, alchemist also natural philosopher in a row. His involvement in the development of science is a special one. He has best known for his elucidation of Universal Gravitation and three laws of motion. He proved the reason of both the motion of objects on Earth and of celestial bodies is controlled by the same Neutral laws. These conclusions could make a revolutionary change in development of science. In mechanical science his contribution was in optics. He discovered a reflecting telescope. He made research on light and stars. His research on General binomial Theorem helped to be introduced today's Calculus.

Newton was born to a farmer family but before three months of his birth his father died and after that he was brought up to his maternal grandmother as her mother remarried. Newton could show his talent from his early life in The King's School in Grantham and later he joined to the Cambridge University where he took his higher degrees.

Albert Einstein:

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Einstein is the scientist of the 12th century and notable physicist of all time. It is told that Einstein had learning disability in his childhood. Einstein couldn't talk till he was of 3 yrs and could not read till he was 8 yrs. In spite of these problems he later became the noble prize winner for his contribution to the Physics. His relativity theory considered as an innovatory development of Physics. In 1921 he got Noble Prize in Physics for his explanation of the Photoelectric Effect as well as for his research in Theoretical physics.

"Right through the history of the world most of the scientists have dedicated their lives for research and innovation. Several from them even faced a lot of torture for their theories but they continued their mission and thus we are now in a modern world. Here are some great scientists in the history."



Aristotle is the Great philosopher who had an enormous knowledge in different disciplines. Studying different subject he contributed a lot in those subjects. He contributed in physics, poetry, logic, rhetoric, government, ethics and biology. This Greek philosopher was born in 384 BC in Stagira. His father Nicomachus was a physician to king Amyntas III of Macedon's court and it is believed that their ancestors also held this position. Prior in his life he was taught by his father at home and the medical knowledge he got from his father led him to investigate natural phenomenon later on. As at the age of 18 he admitted in to the young Greek aristocracy run by Plato other Great Greek philosopher also Aristotle became the most favorite student of Plato.

As Aristotle made a superior contribution which was very influential for the development of the science over the year. Mainly he spent most of his life researching the natural science and he did researches without making reference to Mathematics that was later proven as weakness of his research by the scientists. His natural science oriented research comprises zoology, botany, chemistry, meteorology physics and astronomy, geometry etc. He was teacher of the Great warrior Alexander the Great. He died since 322 BC.

Galileo Galilei:

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Galileo is measured as one of the greatest contributor to development of Science. Without a doubt it is true that Galileo could first helped science to come out of the trend of Aristotle. He was astronomer, philosopher also physicist and his best known contributions lie in the development of Telescope, first two laws of motion and also in Astronomy. He is considered as the father of physics, father of astronomy as well as father of science.

He was born to a musician and mathematician father Vincenzo Galilei his mother was Giulia Ammannati in Italy. He was taught form his early life. He was the 1st scientist who followed way of quantitative experiments in his research where the result was based on mathematics. He had suffered the most from the church for his theories.

Charles Robert Darwin:


There can be debate about whether Charles Darwin (12 February 1809 - 19 April 1882) is the greatest scientist of all time but there is no doubt that he is the most controversial scientist of all time. The beginning of Species by Means of Natural Selection (1859) - is the book that has made Darwin immortal in the world history. This book has radically changed the science course. It is perchance an irony which Darwin studied theology and instead of becoming a clergy, he became naturalist.
Darwin went to various parts of the Earth and carried out extensive research. His theory concerning origin of human beings caused widespread controversy. Darwin stated - human beings have evolved through many survival and changes of the fittest it was an important factor in the development of animal world. Darwin's theory still causes passionate debate among his supporters and opponents.

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