How to Deal With Exam Stress?

Exam stress is always consider as feeling out of control and nervous all day long.The tension may be of updated for all answers which leads to triggers reactions and feeling ill-tempered. This may turn into problems like unable to eat or sleep properly. In today’s world exams are a necessity. It creates a lot of pressure on people to succeed. Although this article can't make the exams fly away but it will hopefully support you to cope with some of the stress that you might be feeling so it turn will permit your focus on exams only.

How to spot that you’re stressed?2329_1.jpg

• Feeling very tired.
• Pain all over body
• Want to Cry out or feel sad
• Have fear attacks
• Unable to sleep 
• Suffering from stomach upsets
• Have itchy skin rashes
• Having colds and flu

How deal with stress:

Discuss your problems : Avoid Bottle them up! Sharing your problem may be great relief .Mostly people under stress don't want to have conversation about their problems because they are scared of being overwhelmed and may loss control of their feelings. But someone among family or friends may help you to realise why you are feeling so, and may find way out of it. You may also avail counselling services as speaking about problems is strength – not Weakness!!

Breathing techniques: Stress may leads to breathing very quickly, or make your heart beat faster than normal. In such condition, sit comfortably, and place one hand on your stomach and count how quickly you are breathing. Now start taking a deep breath and begin counting steadily. Breathe out gradually and make it last of the breath in five seconds. Do this until you are unable to do it naturally.

Exercise: Regular exercise may include 10 - 20 minutes walking, cycling, or at the gym everyday may make a big difference in coping up with stress.

How to deal with exam?

Make a revision timetable: start preparation before exams begin. You should set realistic goals and comprise breaks intervals - get some fresh air and let the window open while you are studying.
Use books,:notes and essays user-friendly make their headings, highlighted and revision cards.
Choose revises method:Find out which routine you are comfortable .It can be  alone or with a friend ,may be in  early morning or late at night; short or longer sessions, with music or without music.
Take help: Help from teacher, parent/carer or a friend, if you don’t understand anything.
Prioritise: Make a list of important work and state what measures you need to take for each task, and work according to it.
Get plenty of Sleep :your brain needs time to process information you have read till now .Sleep helps to re-energise brain, so that it gets ready for the day ahead.
Practice, practice, practice: Give a practice test, you can make it of your own and also give grades.
Take Healthy food:avoid calorie and fast food. Take foods high in omega 3 as this is great brain food such as flaxseeds and dry nuts.
Avoid depending on Caffeine :(e.g. coffee, tea, caffeine, Red Bull), as it will give you only a short lift and dependent. These products make you feel low and also hinder your sleep and may also ability to concentrate.  It is better to take regular breaks, getting lots of sleep and from exercising.
Avoid Mugging up: the night before an exam. Insist have a good night sleep and wake up earlier so that you can read notes rather than studying at night 
Give yourself time to Relax: Do things which reduce tension and you enjoy– watch TV, listen to music, read a book or may also go for a walk.

On the day of the exam:

• Take your breakfast as it act as fuel for concentration.
• Reach for the examination before time.
• Carry all equipment you want in exam, (pens, pencils,  bottle of water, a snack and tissues.)
• Should go to the toilet!
• Don’t talk with the people who are stressing out.
• If you feel nervous take slow breathe and deep before starting with the exam.



How to have positive mind-set?

• Imagine that you are getting big fat A and visualize it in details. Once you a develop an attitude of, 'I can do it', your stress will convert into positive energy increasing your performance. But don't just visualize it- but have to do it!
• Consider the exam as a time-bound project of 90 days. Take it as challenge and fun.
• It is only exam not some kidnap or murder to be fear of.
• Believe it as an opportunity to display what you know.
• Exams are not end that proofs your capacity.
• Do not forget that you have lately passed all exams till now.


How do eat smarter In Exams? 

Consume vitamin and mineral diet. Food contains Iron and B vitamins for physical and mental energy necessary to study well. Iron- foods include red meat, cereals and spinach. Foods having contain B vitamins include whole-grains, wheat germ, eggs and nuts.
Vitamin C cannot be consider as a meal. An orange contains Vitamin C, fiber, beta carotene and other minerals.
Take food in regular intervals. Eating at regular meals helps keep nutrient and energy levels high.Emphasis on smaller meals like toast spread with peanut butter, or a piece of fruit.
2344_2.jpgIn breakfast have a bowl of cereal with milk and a piece of fruit would do the trick. Or also can have a cereal bar with milk. Some quick breakfast ideas are -Banana ranks high among the best foods you can eat for your brain. The natural sugars in fruit provides clean energy, then you don’t feel the crash that follows consumption of refined sugar.
Have powerful vegetables. Those are darker in the colour, the higher the concentration of nutrients. For example, spinach, bell peppers, broccoli and sweet potatoes.
Be well hydrated- Caffeine and sugar should be kept to a minimum, It can be equivalent of 2/2.5 cups. Better selections include water, fruit juice, milk, and anti-oxidant-rich.


Just by following these small but effective tips, you can able to beat the stress and appear for your exams in optimistic and energetic frame of mind. All the best for you exams and future!



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