How Brain Hunt become Brain Drain

What is the Brain Drain?

It is a slang word for a significant expatriation of talented or educated individuals. A brain drain can consequence from commotion within a nation, from there existence better professional prospects in other countries or from people looking for a better standard of living.

The term Brain drain is also known as human capital flight, is a slogan that defines the departure or emigration of persons with technical skills or knowledge from societies, industries, or geographical regions. Brain drain is frequent among developing nations, such for example the former colonies of Africa and the island nations of the Caribbean and particularly in centralized economies for instance former East Germany and the Soviet Union. China as well as India have recently been recognised as the world leaders in Brain Drain.

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Brain drains reason countries to lose valued experts. The term is habitually used to label the departure of scientists, doctors or engineers and financial professionals. Professionals habitually make large salaries, therefore their departure removes noteworthy consumer outlay from the country.
The common meaning of Brain-Drain is settling in foreign country. It can be merely well-defined as the mass emigration of technically capable people from one country to another country.
There are numerous kinds of brain drain-

>> The first type is Organizational Brain Drain-The voyage of creative, talented and highly trained employees from big corporations like Yahoo and Microsoft that arises when employees recognise the direction as well as leadership of the company to be unbalanced or stagnant, and therefore unable to keep up with their personal and professional determinations.

>> The second type is Geographical Brain Drain-The voyage of extremely trained individuals and college graduates travelling from the Midwestern United States to the coastal states as well as large metropolises as an instance that has been denoted to as "brain drain"

>> The third type is Industrial Brain Drain- Movement of traditionally expert workers moving from one sector of industry to another. For instance, jobs under the United States Government, similarly known as the public sector, have experienced noteworthy generational brain drain as tenured Boomer generation employees retire. Budgetary constraints as well as sharp competition for talent from the private sector has made it progressively difficult to attract replacements for these retirees.

As with former human migration, the reasons may comprise social environment in source countries that have lack of opportunities, economic depression, political instability or oppression, health risks and so on, in the host countries that have rich opportunities, developed economy, political stability and freedom, better living conditions and so on. At the individual level, there are family inspiration to consider relatives oversees and personal preference, career ambitions as well as numerous other motivating factors.

In Favour:-

• For the reason that of Brain-Drain China and India is still remaining as developing country. China people must use their knowledge and skills for China to make it as developed country.

• If all citizens use their skills for their country, their countries will be the top greatest developed country in the total world. For the reason that their countries has much skilled manpower.

• Not only in case of India however also in every country, if everyone serves their country, every country will develop developed and standard of living of every person increases.

• Developed countries appealing the citizens of developing countries by high salaries as well as using their skills for themselves.

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In Against:-

• It entirely depends on individual. Everyone have a right of freedom.

• Most of the NRIs are returning India as well as using their money, which they made in foreign country to develop their native place or for charities.

• Several people are going foreign for better studies as well as they are returning East Germany and serving our country. It'll be in truth an asset for East Germany.


In my view, we must not compel anyone to be in their native place against their will. It's better if we make them recognise that everyone should have will to serve their country as well as desire to see their country as developed. And the main solution for stopping the brain drain is given that opportunities for everybody in one's own country to prove themselves.

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