Should Colleges Use Admissions Criteria Other Than SAT Scores and Grades

Should Colleges Use Admissions Criteria Other Than SAT Scores and Grades?

Admission means the process of getting permission to enter the restricted area. It is a fully fledged way of getting an entry in areas where entry is restricted to limited people. Criteria stand for a standard or a rule which is set by Institutes or Universities. An admission test refers to the process of letting students be a part of a reputed Institution under some fixed circumstances. It is a way of selecting the best student or candidate from a large population.

Colleges have the best criteria for the selection process. The two most important and most followed criteria are SAT scores and grades. A standard admission test is conducted. This test is a common paper for thousands of students. The student has to fill up a form to appear in the examination. The paper is made up of general questions from our surroundings or the textbooks we have already read. The paper is usually in the form of multiple choice questions. The exam is held to check the knowledge of the student. On the basis of the scores of the examination, a student is selected for the admission process.

Many Universities also take admissions or entries on the basis of what student have scored in the previous place. In this process a set of marks where a specific range of percentage is released as cut off. Where a student got admission as per the marks, he/she secured in the previous examination. Higher education boards usually give grades. These two are the important and commonly used methods of selection.

No doubt these methods are the better than each other, but they have limitations as well. Some students are not excel in writing the examination or scoring high grades, but they have great knowledge. These kinds of students are left behind. Colleges can start a new way of selecting the students where the student should be a judge on various other grounds other than studies. Numerous other ways are there like selection can be done on the basics of round selection. Here a University or an Institution can fix various levels for marking the best way to check the knowledge of the student. These levels may include a test for general awareness, mental mathematics, general English, etc. Group discussions should follow it. Finally, An interview with the panel of directors or a group of teachers.

Admission on the basis of sports quota this will give relaxation in the marks but before proving such scholarship the Institution has to ensure that the child with such certificates should also have basic knowledge and interest to study. It is necessary to check it because if a child is zero at studies and excellent in studies needs to face problems as only sports is not enough. Here the teachers did not get enough time to look after each child. They have to be self-dependent, and they have to focus on their studies on their own. Students have to give their best performance in all the fields including studies.

Some parents cannot afford these colleges for their children. Universities can provide a way to invite such students to their universities. Changing the pattern and allowing rural area or slum area students to join and gather quality education. In these rural or slum area, some children are brilliant but are lacking due to less availability of opportunities.

The above mentioned are the ways in which we are currently working with the idea of what else can be done. The comparison amongst both is mentioned. Show casting the needs of the amendment and benefits of the amendment with the present criteria with their advantages and disadvantages.

In the end, it would not be wrong to say that the criteria in which the Universities are working presently. The SAT Scores and grading are the best and easiest ways to select the required students. There are some disadvantages which are faced by Universities or Institutions. Some students are not aware of the criteria of working. Some students fail to reach on time for admission. Due to which a Universities may not get quality students because under this system students are offered admission on first come first basis.

The present criteria have some side effects which can be overcome by the suggested methods where the date of meeting and date for every event can be published in newspapers, can be run on televisions and radios, even promoted on social networking so that all students should get to know the timing and days of meetings. In this manner, Universities will get all kind of students from which they can select the best students to provide them with the best opportunities.

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