Do You Support Affirmative Action

Do You Support Affirmative Action?


Affirmative action is the policy under which the people from minority and women are given special consideration. The intentions behind starting this law or guideline were the numerous cases in which it was found that the people from minority and women are not given the equal opportunity in school admissions, job selection and other assortment .However gradually with the time the purpose behind the formation of policy is getting defy.
The reason for which the affirmative action policy was originated was to make sure the minorities are represented well in very field. They are given an equal opportunity in every field. The lowest level of affirmative action was to create the more jobs or seats so as to admit more people. The highest level of affirmative action is to reserve special seats for minorities and women. But this policy has numerous reasons which create a doubt in the mind for supporting it.

Reasons for opposing the affirmative action:

Affirmative action is often considered as the method of creating a new discrimination in order to end the discrimination. The basic idea for formation of policy of affirmative action was to stop the discrimination but by following the practice of affirmative action, the discrimination is somewhere getting shored up.

When a person is selected on the basis of guidelines of affirmative action, it raises a doubt on the capability of the person. It creates an impression that a person is not selected on the basis of capability but on basis of affirmative action. In other terms it can be said that the affirmative action devalues the hard work of the minorities and women.

When affirmative action is followed in selection in schools or offices, it creates two categories or two groups. The people selected on the basis of affirmative action form a group separating them from the other people, the affirmative action is creating a transparent wall which is built with the bricks of racial discrimination.

The selection of the people should be purely on the basis of talent and education. The selection committee whether in school or offices should have members who are like a blind people with great judgment power so as to select the people purely on basis of talent without valuing the caste or color.

The affirmative action in several places is followed by the method of creating a fixed seats for minorities and women. By following this practice the schools and offices are starting the practice of quota .The practice of quota is something which is truly uncalled for.

The affirmative action sometimes favours in selection of the undeserving people simply because they are from minority. This creates a un satisfaction feeling in the minds of deserving people.

In many instances it is found that the affirmative action does not support the people from lower caste but rather the people from the fortunate backgrounds.

It is often found that there is actually no requirement of affirmative action, the biasness is often created by following the affirmative action. It creates a tension which is does not exists.The people, society and a nation as a whole should be treated as a one. The division of majority, minority, men or women creates the differences. On top of that the creation of laws favoring a section in terms of other just widens the gap. The law should be made on the basis that any person who is hardworking and talented is not left behind irrespective of the caste or colour.If the affirmative action will be followed in school or colleges that time will not be far when the people will start misusing this law or guideline. It will be treated as a shortcut to success.
The use of affirmative action will create a racial tension; the students will witness this discrimination in their school or college life. In any argument, there will not be right or wrong judgment, in fact there will be two judgments, one by majority and the by minority and none of them will follow the right path.
The affirmative action is in practice from many years but still it is not able to create a situation where the racial discrimination is ended. This creates a doubt on overall implementation of the law. The affirmative action needs to be revised in to a policy, guideline or law which supports all the sections and as well as binds them together.

The every action has an opposite reaction. The affirmative action also creates a reaction; here the reaction is reflected in terms of racial discrimination and biasness. Everywhere whether in workplace or office it creates two groups not by wish but by compulsion. Nevertheless, it should not be promoted.



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