Seven Ways to Reduce Stress & Anxiety During the School Year

Seven Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety During the School Year

Feeling a bit jittery about the upcoming school year? Totally normal!  

Transitions can be quite a handful, right? Just the thought of juggling classes, making new pals, and diving into activities can make your head spin, especially after a chill summer break. 

But hey, transitions aren't all gloom and doom. They're kind of cool too!  

They'll give you a chance to sort out what really matters to you and set some goals for the year ahead. Sure, you can't pick your teachers or magically change the school schedule, but you've got one superpower: looking out for yourself. 

So, while you can't control everything about school, you can make self-care your top priority. That's the secret sauce for a kickass year ahead. Let's learn more about it.  

1: Get Enough Sleep 

Getting enough sleep is super important for feeling awesome and doing your best.  

Shoot for around eight to ten hours every night. Before hitting the hay, try taking a break from screens like phones or laptops for about 30 minutes.  

It can help your brain chill out and get ready for snooze time. And hey, using a sleep app to keep tabs on your sleep habits and jotting down how you feel in the morning can be helpful.  

You'll start noticing the perks of getting some quality shut eye in no time. 

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2: Exercise Daily 

Getting regular exercise is a super healthy way to shake off stress. Studies show that students who work out often feel less stressed compared to those who don't. Even though they're dealing with the same school and life stuff, it just doesn't hit them as hard. 

Now, fitting exercise into your day might sound tough, but there are sneaky ways to do it: 

Start your day with some morning yoga. 

Swap driving or busing for walking or biking to class. 

Buddy up for test reviews while strolling on a treadmill at the gym. 

Sign up for a fun gym class, like one focusing on chill sports or just moving around. 

Get in on some intramural sports action. 

See? Tons of ways to sneak in a bit of activity without it feeling like a chore! 

3: Take Breaths Calmly 

Feeling super stressed?  

Your brain might get all foggy, and you start breathing fast and shallow.  

And guess what? That funky breathing messes up your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, giving you anxiety, tiredness, and maybe even panic attacks. 

But here's the scoop: you can tackle stress with simple breathing exercises. Seriously, you can do them anywhere, and they work fast to chill you out. 

Got a big test or presentation looming?  

Take a sec to do some breathing exercises beforehand to calm those nerves. But hey, they're not just for the big moments-whether it's work drama, money stress, or just life getting chaotic, these exercises keep your cool in the long run too. 

4: Practice PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) 

Hey, here's a neat trick to chill out when stress starts creeping up on you - it's known as progressive muscle relaxation (PMR).  

Basically, you tense up your muscles, then let them go, one by one, until you're as loose as a noodle. With some practice, you can zap stress in seconds! 

Why is this awesome for students?  

Well, imagine using it before hitting the hay - it can help you drift off into a deep, restful sleep. And the best part? Once you've got the hang of it, PMR becomes your trusty sidekick in any tense situation. Whether it's calming pre-exam jitters, dealing with roommate drama, or gearing up for a tough convo with your academic advisor, PMR's got your back.  

So, next time stress knocks, just tense, release, and relax! get essay help online to save your time and grade.

5: Try Listening to Music 

Isn't it amazing how music can totally shift your mood? It's like this magical stress reliever that just works wonders. When you're feeling overwhelmed, just throw on some calming tunes, and suddenly, it's like your brain goes, "Ahh, that's better," and all that tension just fades away. 

And check this out - upbeat music?  

It's like a mental pick-me-up! Studies prove that listening to lively tunes can make your brain kick into high gear, helping you remember stuff better and think faster.  

So, whenever you're feeling sluggish, blast those jams and feel the energy flow! 

Oh, and here's a neat tip for students - play some classical music while hitting the books.  

It's like giving your brain a little nudge to focus better. And when you need a breather, switch to something slow and relaxing to unwind. See? Music isn't just about rocking out - it's like having your very own brain trainer! 

6: Build a Proper Supporting Network 

Having someone there for you when things get tough can really make a difference. It's like having a shield against stress! But, you know, sometimes, even our relationships can stress us out. Changes in friendships, breakups, or moving away for college can really shake things up. 

But hey, there's a way to tackle those lonely feelings and make sure you've got a solid support system. Try branching out and meeting new people. Join study groups, hit up social events, or dive into hobbies you enjoy. 

And here's the thing: not all relationships are the same. Your teachers, counselors, and mentors? They've got tons of info and resources to help you out academically.  

But your friends? They're there for the emotional and practical stuff. So, mix it up and build a network that's got your back in every way! 

7: Follow a Proper and Healthy Diet 

Feeling like your brain's not firing on all cylinders? Been there. Turns out, what you eat can totally mess with your mental mojo.  

Snacking on sugary or greasy stuff? It's like draining your brain battery. And when stress rolls in? Yep, you might find yourself diving back into those same snacks for a quick fix. 

But here's the scoop: eating healthy can be your secret weapon against stress. It keeps your mood steady and your energy level in check. I know, easier said than done, especially when you're juggling classes, cash, and time.  

Here are a few sneaky tricks to sneak in some healthier habits: 

Don't skip meals - try to munch on something regularly. 

Keep a water bottle handy - staying hydrated is a game-changer. 

Swap those chips for some fruit or nuts - they're quick, easy, and way better for you. 

And hey, maybe ease up on the caffeine, nicotine, and booze - they can really mess with your stress levels. 

Believe me, tweaking what you diet you follow can make a world of difference, especially when life's throwing curveballs your way.

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