Role of Wikipedia in modern life as the title says that it is playing master role in knowledge development Wikipedia Roll in day to day. It has become dictionary of we need information to build, moguls and then establish, this is done with the help of wiki for anything and everything.

Wiki can be viewed in different perspective, for example we can call wiki as mother of modern life.we can call it as motherboard of a computer as we need it for running computer, similarly we need it as energy drink for our knowledge development.we can also call it as petrol for or diesel for our car, everything is needed for functioning. We need wiki for developing. With wiki development can be made more advanced. We can say wiki is like machine doctor if you say the cause you will be able to find reason, side effects and precautionary steps. It tells about different diseases, cause and effects and different types of medicine accordingly. Even we can say it as scientist, anything and everything with pictures it explains.with day to day needs and development are entirely concerning future. Wiki gives us clear view about future quicker and faster.the wiki software keeps track of every edit made and it's a simple process to revert back to a previous version of an article

How wiki plays role in youngster life?wiki not only provides information about developing , but also provides gossips, role models, etc. It has brief view in every field starting from cini field to future world predictions.
We should also know the side effects of wiki!. Children due to the support provided by the wiki in every field they are refusing to use their own knowledge and just copying and pasting the information put in wiki and submit their project. This ultimately makes them not to use brains and make them more dumb.

Olden vs modern when we look olden days without wiki we are supposed to finish our projects! People collect information from books and newspapers which brings in lot of ideas and knowledge and people will deal with it more carefully and their will be unique ideas in each project under same title. But, nowadays it's fully copied which as no speciality.

Wikipedia is written in English but it as a great advantage that it can be translated into 1000000 languages and more. It has totally 5235,654 articles associated. Wikipedia is hosted by Wikimedia foundation. It is non profit organization. With day to day timely updates.Wikipedia in different fields are available as Commons, wikibook, wiki quote, Wikiversity, media wiki, wiki data, wiki source, wiki voyage, meta wiki, wiki species etc.
People never realize the changes happening until they here gossips or read newspaper. Wikipedia can be called as collection s of newspapers.we know the importance of wiki in our day to day life how much we gain knowledge from is not reliable source for academic research doesn't mean that its wrong to use basic. Even wiki has its flaws.But,what keeps us coming back? vurge to gain knowledge.Anyone can edit and update Wikipedia which is the major drawback.wikipedia eats lot of our time.Some topics in Wikipedia are overlooked due to lack of interest or lack of people knowledgeable on subject.Wiki affects teachers role in students life because wiki plays all the role needed to be played by the teacher.Wiki is so open to SPAM and vandalism if not managed properly.Requires Internet connectivity to collaborate, but technologies to produce print versions of articles are improving

Wiki is like God of development in our life as it knows how it can satisfy our needs and make it easy for the knowledge is self organizing and self correcting organization.Wiki preserves languages and is instantaneous so there is no need to wait.there are a wide range of open source software wiki's to choose from so licensing costs shouldn't be a barrier to installing an institutional wiki.So wiki is friendly knowledgeable.

From this article we get to know how much Wikipedia plays a major role as a base structure for knowledge development.We should the main thing about Wikipedia it is saves lot of trees and plants from extinguishing. Wiki is for us and only for us to gain knowledge development and improve yourself more and more better.Wikipedia is best building blocks for knowledge level with which we can improve IQ level.There are various roles played by Wikipedia in our day to day life. Wikipedia not only gives positive feedback, but also the negative feedback and makes it productive. wiki on any specific topic, we can gather a whole bunch of search terms so you can go elsewhere on the net and find more reputable sites it has links within each article to other aspects covered in separate articles, so you can do some sideways research to get a better grip on your subject. The things which wiki most useful for if they're done well) are the Notes and Bibliography at the bottom, where a good writer/researcher will list all the sources they have used in the writing of their article.Thus using this we get an idea.

The organized wiki can be the best online solution for any doubts that appears in our mind or for any information needed for any projects. There are many social and community norms and pressures.In wiki we all know anybody can make any changes because of this reason there is no bureaucracy and anarchical.Projects are self-policing. Editorial oversight can be continuous with writing, which makes it more efficient.Not all the articles are open, there are articles which is locked for protection from editing or any other work.In locked articles there can't be any changes made so, there it remains confidential.Wiki is non profitable and for knowledge gain.Wiki can have its negative points which are overcome by positive things it provides and helps to gain knowledge.

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