10 Things Must do -Before You Die

Watch Aurora (astronomy)211_a.jpg

It is a sunrise of bright natural light dancing in sky with high latitude in areas of caused because of collusion of energetic particles of sunlight when it enters earth’s atmosphere. Auroral appear in many colours mostly in pale green and pink. They are also seen Shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet. These light are usually found in mostly above northern and southern hemisphere above magnetic poles. 'Aurora borealis', means 'dawn of the north'. 'Aurora australis' means 'dawn of the south’



See ‘’ 7 Wonders of the World’’

Great Wall of China: The Great Wall, is a one of the greatest wonders of the world, was listed in World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. It is  like a gigantic dragon which the Great Wall moves  up and down through deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus from east to west of China. It is still most appealing attractions in the world that is owing architectural grandeur and historical significance.



Petra: It is inhabited city since prehistoric times. This is situated between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Petra is half-built, half-carved into the rock, and is enclosed by mountains pierced with passages and gorges.


Christ the Redeemer: is a statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that was built as a symbol of Brazilian Christianity. It is the largest art deco statue in the world. It is 98 feet tall, with arms stretch to 92 feet wide. The stones used in Christ the Redeemer has come from Sweden. Christ the Redeemer is the 5th largest statue of Jesus in the world.


2024_Machu Picchu.jpg


Machu Picchu: It is 7,000 feet above sea level and nestled on a small hilltop between the Andean Mountain Range. It was deemed as “Lost Cities”, recently discovered in 1911. It is parted into three areas - agricultural, urban, and religious. The agricultural terracing is made on natural slopes; and the lower areas cover buildings . The natural setting around manhu pinchu, the upper Amazon basin is rich in diversity of flora and fauna.


Chichen Itza :It is refereed as “at the mouth of the well of Itza “.This is the 2nd most visited archaeological site of Mexico. It is exactly 24 m. high considering the upper platform. It is one the beautiful mythical great cities and had most diverse population of the Maya world.



Colosseum:It was built by the Flavian emperors Vespasian, It is referred as a gift to the Roman citizens. Rome provides accommodation to meet requirement. The city is full of art and museums and has attractions like shops, food and nightlife, you can certainly find something suitable.This elliptical building is  very immense, about 188m by 156m and reaching a height of more than 48 meters. The structure was clad is made up of marble and 160 larger-than-life statues graced the arches on the upper floors. The cages in the building could be hoisted, enabling the animals to appear in the middle of the arena.



2327_Taj Mahal.jpg

Taj Mahal:It was crafted in soft & pure marble and jewelled with semi-precious stones. This epic is considered as symbol of love as it was made my king for his queen. It is grace of perfection of proportions and splendour of geometrical patterns with beautiful gardens around it.



The Great Pyramid of Giza: This pyramid the oldest structure on the list of 7 wonders. This pyramid is large, precise and has overwhelming amount of organization. It was designed to protect the Pharaoh’s body, king as it would ensure a safe trip afterlife. The pyramid took just 30 years to build. The Great Pyramid of Giza signifies Egypt’s wealth and power, it is symbol of intelligence and technological advancement of Egypt’s ancient civilizations.  


Swim With dolphins 

It is a life time experience of meeting dolphins under the sea. During the swimming we can encounter friendly animal dolphin click photographs with them and create memories. Many adventure parks provide opportunity to pamper the sea animal and enjoy an amazing contact with the beautiful mammals .It will be a great experience dolphin patting and a dolphin handshake in ankle deep water.

2081_images.jpgGo On A Road Trip


Take a road trip with your family and friends It can be way to shed some old skin and, de-stress yourself and create some fond memories along the way. At least one road trip in a lifetime is enough to understand the pulse of your country better. Dinners and shopping while journey can make great ways to relish the time.




Shower in a waterfall

Take a shower in natural spring waterfall. It can be so refreshing that burn away your fears > it can be a totally liberating experience in your lifetime. It cost nothing but add few moments in your life to cherish in a long way, or the times when you are old or sick may smile while missing these minute things.

Adopt a Pet


It can be dog or cat whom you want to consider as your friend. It will soon become part of your family who is happy and sad when you are so. These Animals can do so much for us as they help our mental well-being, help with exercise and help us when feel required. They are ready to give a lifetime of unconditional love and affection!

Get debt free

Becoming debt free is a wonderful feeling. You can do it by eliminated non-essential expenses that incur in daily life. Try to give your payments through online payment system that will ensure timely payments of debts. Create a debt payment plan according to your convince. Keep some cash in hand so that you can pay your debts to avoid running of your securities. If you cannot control your expense till now you can cancel your credit card .Finally try to increase your income so that you can repay your debts.

Ride on camel

It is rated as BEST adventure in the world, this is hard to beat for cheap thrills. Crossing through snake charmers and colourful markets on camel is awesome adventure across. The trip was crowded, dusty and overwhelming experience as heart and eyes oozed gets utter with joy and excitement. On way to ride a camel and sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert ,the sandy, steamy dunes was the most immaculate moment that can be cherish throughout life. The site is simultaneous summoned with magic, and hanging out with a camel can make it that much more special.

Learn a foreign language 

This enable you to discoverer your roots, through intellectual curiosity, romance, travel, and secret communication in another city or country. Once you have certain about which language to learn, you may choose any language among Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian etc according to your comfort level. Material can be anything dictionaries, grammar books, phrasebooks, online lessons, mp3 players and electronic translators.

Plant a tree2191_plant.jpg

The planting a tree is a perfect 'green' gift. This can be Experience of joy of caring your own tree. You can create a place of beauty for upcoming generations that they will remember. Be Environmental friendly by reducing the negative impact of climate change. We all know our trees will absorb carbon and reducing the impact of global warming. 










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