The Pros and Cons of Technology Implementation in Schools

The Pros and Cons of Technology Implementation in Schools

Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

New technologies have changed teaching in a number of ways as it is more effective. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find a single school that does not have access to some educational technology. There are lot of benefits which schools are getting after evolution of technology as easy access to subject content, tools and research work.

While many teachers still feelsdifficultin using latest technology in their teaching practice, it is also likely that teachers feel new technologies are unproven in the classroom. Few recently placed technologies worldwide in schools are such as virtual classrooms, projectors, dynamic boards, and internet access i.e. Wi-Fi connections. These technologies plays vital role as they make education easy learning and in more swift way as it was done earlier. And it's a well-known fact that visual content plays more important role as compared to simple learning. 


§  Technology have played a vital role in today's education as it's easy to get connected to internet through computer or laptops and can go through any content matter related to one's educational field .

§  In today's world online education is playing a big role as it helps the students from various places to get connected to world best online tutors, professors and lecturers.

§  Internet have unlimited information that can be greatly beneficial to students. These information can be helpful to any type of user as these are easy to understand. Internet gives the students with limitless access to information and resources.

§  Technology such as computer or laptops at school helps students to organize their notes and assignments and it also provide a great wealth of knowledge to the students.

§  Modern Technology allows students to express or present the ideas in more effective and smart ways. Devices such as online interactive whiteboards, touch screen pads, projectors are some of the few ways which students can communicate their output effectively.

§  Due to technology students are enabled with more research work so as to learn the subject in better way.

§  If technology is used in proper ways then it really open up your lesson plan. There are lot of tablets and smartphone applications which have a variety educational tools that can be implemented for lesson learning and understanding.

§  When student uses devices for education or completing the assignments then their work will be more organized.

§  For online teaching and learning process technology have come up with extra-ordinary benefits as online education is now a days live, interactive due to webcams i.e. video interactions between one to one and even one to few students at a time .These all online classes are conducted through internet using one interactive online platform which includes whiteboard, web call and video option.

§  Internet can be wonderful tool to communicate with your students outside of the classroom .Teachers can create Facebook pages or groups where they can further discuss the topics .These teaching practice allows the kids to ask various questions related to topics and can help encourage lively discussion about the topics.

§  Students can explore the web and can learn by themselves .So in a way, computers can also serve as tutors for many students. Even technology can benefit in many other learning process.

§  Plenty of Applications and tools for education purposes- As an educator one can use technology for advantage over explanation of any topic .Using tablets and apps for various learning purposes ,mathematical calculation simplification etc.

§  Internet and technology have made the research work for students easy as internet is an open place where they can learn a lot do researches and come up with something which is really awesome.


§  The use of technology in some schools also decreases the interaction between the students and teachers which actually affects the communication skills of the student.

§  The use of computers or laptops will also discourage students to socialize with their classmates and friends.

§  Students who don't have the computers and internet connections at home will have trouble keeping up with their lessons and assignment work at home.

§  A big advantage of technology in school is the cost which includes the cost of device and the training need to be provided to the faculty.

§  Technological gadgets can be a status symbol among students which might cause a divide between the classmates and friends.

§  Everyone can't but new costly gadgets for educational purposes of their children's so will finally generate a boundary between different schools.

§  While a lot of information is available over internet and can be accessed in minutes so students need to be careful in choosing correct source as there are literally thousands of sites that are credible sources of information.

§  Harmful effects of technology has already come to light in today's world. People are attached to their screens for almost 24*7, which is causing an entirely new issues which are popping in society.

§  Major Distractions i.e. attentiveness drops drastically when students have their phones, tablets or other technologies outin the classroom. The focus shifts from teacher and education towards games etc. in their phones.

Overview on Pros and Cons discussed above:-

As technology is being implemented in educational sector at larger pace then it's better to accept the changes rather than opposing the same. Every technology that we have ever invented has its own good qualities and bad one too. So the implementation of technology in the educational system has its own ups and downs. Keeping both the sides balanced can assure that it remains an effective teaching tool with latest technology in this century.

The computer age continues to expand and there is no sign that it will stop soon. But technology alone can't fulfill the needs of the people with regards to education so it's important that there should be a balance of both technology and human.

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